Call Center Girl Defrauds $4500 For “Fun” Using Stolen Credit Cards Details of Customers

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, September 3, 2006

A Kolkata girl, Sulagna Ray, was arrested on Friday morning from her Behala home for using stolen credit card details of US residents, whom she served during her work at a call center selling DishTV, to buy goods worth $4, 500.

The call centre, where Sulagna worked, does the back-end operations of another e-commerce site in the US. “Her job involved selling Dish TV to US clients. While doing this, she gathered information about the credit card numbers of some of these clients. She then used these card numbers to make purchases through,” said a senior police officer.

Calcuttaweb was flooded with complaints about fraudulent purchases being made through their site during July-August. They provided cops with details of purchases made including IP addresses and delivery challans.

Sulagna made 52 purchases on the internet, some using her laptop and some from cyber cafes (she never used her office computer). Forty-two items, worth about Rs 1 lakh, were delivered to her home, including an air-conditioner, microwave, cosmetics, jewellery, saris and even chocolates. What was she thinking?

A city court has remanded her in police custody for 12 days.

What bother’s me is that she didn’t have any past criminal record. Her extravagant lifestyle, which is so common in city girls these days, apparently drove her to commit this crime. She has “confessed” but claimed that “she did it for fun and didn’t intend to cheat anyone”. via TOI & Anandabazar. Who is going to buy that story?

May 19, 2010: 10:32 pm

It’s just upsetting to hear that some agents illegally use the information that they gather from customers. Call center agents are supposed to be trustworthy, reliable people that ASSIST callers with their problems, not CAUSE callers their problems.

February 23, 2010: 12:48 am

That is such a shame. Customers trust that agents will keep their personal details confidential. It is not an easy task gaining the customers’ trust back once it has been broken.

February 8, 2010: 4:24 am

That’s a very bad working ethics she had. That is a no-no even if you die.

November 20, 2007: 5:00 am

We can’t deny the fact that such cases take place. Though credit card protection exists, in some situations it can’t help.

May 2, 2007: 10:55 am

Such petty thiefs are doing the industry much harm. I personally know CalcuttaWeb’s owner and I was informed that he had to bear the total burden of the loss.

May 1, 2007: 8:57 am

That is just plain sad. I know it’s now easy to get credit cards online but paying for all our purchases is still the same, painful routine. And paying for purchases not made by us is, well, I can just scratch my head.
I used to work in a call center, by the way, and I know a lot of people who works in call centers but I don’t know anybody who did what she did. She’s giving the call center industry a bad name.

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