Top 10 Windows Utility Tools

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

windows_utilitiesFinally, Microsoft has officially confirmed the Windows 7 release date which had long been speculated as 22 October. With Windows 7 might be expecting an all- encompassing OS, but the truth is none of the existing OS includes everything you might want it do. Here comes the role of utilities. Well, there’s a wide range of utilities available for Windows that can do anything from tweaking windows to recovering deleted files. Basically the utilities enhance your experience with Windows and makes it more comfortable. It’s not that you can’t work without utilities, but its hell lot easier to work with their support. To help you out in choosing the best ones, we have compiled a list of top 10 utilities for Windows.

1. Windows 7 utilities 4.0

This is an excellent collection of tools for optimizing and speeding up Windows 7. This is basically a Utility Suite that contains utilities for cleaning registry, temporary files on your disks, erqasing applications and Internet browser history, cache and cookies. Further, it also defragments your disk drives and improves your computers performance. Additionally, it includes secure file deletion, recycle bin shredding, system maintenance, tasks scheduling as well as undeleting deleted files.

2. EnhanceMySe7en


If you are the one who likes to monkey with the setting and tweaking Windows 7 OS here’s an utility for you. EnhanceMySe7en is loaded with options which allows tweaking almost every-bit of Windows 7. For more, the program also includes registry and disk cleaning tool, a shortcut creator and allows faster access to many built-in Windows utilities. Not just these there’s much more to explore in EnhanceMySe7en.

3. FlashGet

The download manager might be an optional tool rather than mandatory.  But, with a download manager you can keep it straight and hassle free. FlashGet is a free download manager that supports different protocols including BitTorrent. Additionally, it offers optional features like the ability to remotely command your computer to download something by sending it to a specific address via e-mail.

4. Google Desktop

Google Desktop indexes all of your data files including e-mail and instant messages. The interface offers multiple search-box configuration and an advanced search option. In addition, to searching your own files, Goolge desktop also allows you web search results. It places the power of web’s best search engine at personal level.


5. SIW

It is an advanced tool that offers system information for Windows. SIW collects detailed information about your system properties and settings, which it displays comprehensibly.
SIW might create a report file CSV, HTML, TXT or XML.. The information is also available in batch mode for Computer Software and Hardware Inventory, Asset Inventory Tracking and Audit Software.

6. Leaf

This is a free software that allows you to establish network and device sharing between an individual’s home office and work PCs. Further you can create your own private network with Leaf. So start preparing for a Xbox or Xbox 360 head to head with anyone anywhere.


7.  EASEUS Partition Manager

This is a powerful hard disk partition tool and system optimization utility with loads of features the includes creating, resizing, moving and deleting disk partition. This is something you all will do while installing Windows 7. It offers  home edition available for free.


8. NoteTab Light

It’s one of the leading text editor for Windows and code-based HTML editor.  NoteTab Light can handle a stack of huge files that allows you to format text according to your preferred content. It also enables  system wide searches and multi-line global replacements. Going a step ahead of notepad, it allows spell checks, bookmarks, convert text to HTML on-the-fly and take charge of the code. Above all, NoteTab seamlessly integrate with a number of popular third-party utilities.

9. RegEditX

This is a free lightweight program designed to edit Windows Registry with ease. What’s more, RegEditX bookmarks the locations in the registry and stores its settings for use later.


10. Recuva

Sometimes you might accidentally delete the files without having a backup. Recuva allows you to restore these files including files emptied from the Recycle bin. For more, it can recover the files deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses.


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