10 Best Apps for Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jailbreaking iPhone was never a cake walk until Comex’s JailbreakMe was legalized. Users can now unlock iPhone 4 and avail all the benefits that they could afford beyond Apple’s domain. The web is abuzz with ideas on unlocking iPhone, but most of them don’t provide good reasons for performing such an act. Not just the risk of losing Apple’s warranty, the iPhone suffers the risk of “bricking” that renders the phone unusable. After jailbreak there’s high chance of FaceTime and MMS being disabled. Still there are more than enough pros in favor of iPhone jailbreak. We provide you the 10 best applications for unlock/jailbreak iPhone 4.

1. MyWi

Verizon offers free tethering for Palm Pre Plus. Well, AT&T acted on the same lines announcing tethering for iPhone 4.0 OS “this summer”. Now you have gone for a iPhone jailbreak, MiWi can turn your phone into mobile hotsposts.

2. IntelliScreen

This third party iPhone software from Cydia is for those who can’t to use use the “Slide to Unlock” for accessing their updates. With IntelliScreen you can skip the Slide to Unlock to access the emails, phone calls, Calender events, Wather, Yahoo News ESPN Sports, Text messages and loads of other types of information.

3. LockInfo

One of the greatest advantages of unlocking iPhone 4 is that it will allow you to use LockInfo. With this app you will be able to access all the important information on the lockscreen. In LockInfo you can add plugins to seek info on Mail, Calender, SMS, Phone, and Push notification without using the Slide to unlock.

4. My3G

On iPhone 4 you can have facetime video chat only with access to Wi-Fi network. This might be a hassle many a times. iPhone 4 jailbreak would enable you to conduct video chats over 3G networks instead of just on Wi-Fi, like on HD YouTube video.

5. Winterboard

iPhone 4 wears an enviable look and style. How about making the most of it with some really cool themes? Using WInterboard you can add high definition themes placed on my iPhone that features a high resolution screen. In the coming years the jailbreak iPhones might have some scintillating themes to jailbreak iPhone.

6. snes4iphone repo

No doubt iTunes hosts an array of exciting games, but what about the gaming freaks who’d like the World of Warcraft in their iPhone. Especially with the gyroscope iPhone’s gaming experience has been augmented manifolds. After you unlock iPhone 4 there’ll be endless possibilities to explore. With snes4iphone repo you can load all the much more exciting games in iPhone 4.

7. Proswitcher

Apple resolved its long pending issue of multitasking in iPhone 4. Once you jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4 you can combine Backgrounder and Proswitcher to allow Palm Pre like function on it. With Proswitcher you can swipe from page to page to see a Window pop up of apps that are running on the screen. You can swipe up or touch the X to close the app.

8. MxTube

iPhone 4 comes without a Flash support. What if you could download YouTube videos on iPhone. With MxTube you can download YouTube videos to your iPhone’s local storage drive.

9. SBSettings

With this app you could have instant access to most important settings such as 3G, Wifi, Edge, Bluetooth, etc. Just swipe the finger at the top of my screen and open up the menu that allows the user to turn the wi-fi or bluetooth on or off. It is much simpler than using the settings every time. It’s also has a handy memory manager. In case you wanna get rid of the app to free up the memory, you can do it with just a touch.

10. Cerebro

This is a phone tracking app that will allow you to keep an eyen on your iPhone after it is lost or stolen. Just create an account in the program, log in on your computer and its over. It allows you to track the iPhone once it is missing.

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