8 Reasons Why Even Hitler Hates iPad (Parody)

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hitler based parodies are a popular meme and for a good reason. Most of them including this one are simply hilarious. The passion he brings in his hatred for iPad can only be matched by Apple fanboys.

8 Reasons Why Hitler Hates iPad

  • iPad cannot multitask, can only run one app at a time
  • They didn’t give a camera but its on AT&T. How can he utilize their crappy network
  • Hitler wanted a computer, a device that could take on Netbook but instead all we got was an oversized iPod Touch
  • If Hitler wanted eBook he would have bought a Kindle
  • It can’t even make phone calls
  • Only thing it can do that iPhone can’t is have split screens
  • He can’t even watch videos on web as it doesn’t have Flash support
  • No full web support yet, he can’t even play Blooms

midnighblade created the video. Through the mouth of Hitler (used footage from a movie) he expressed the disappointment of hundreds of millions of potential customers of iPad who expected another game changer from Apple but got a damp squib instead. I would buy a netbook any day over iPad.

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