Apple sans Jobs: finger crossed over replacement

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Jobs, no Apple. For Apple - devotees were left awestruck after a wrecking announcement, Apple Inc’s iconic chief Steve Jobs was to bench himself for six month. Jobs is universally acknowledged as the creative mastermind behind the success of software and consumer electronics major, Apple. Among his line of contributions for the company, the pitchman was behind world’s most popular Apple products - Mac computers, the iPod and the iPhone. It’s realized, simply Apple can’t breath without Jobs.

According to Jobs, the shot term break till June has to do with his health concerns. Things have turned more serious than what he could have anticipated. A week ago Steve was reported to be suffering with hormonal imbalance that was marked by his increase in weight. Treatment for disorder was said to be simple. Day-to-day operations during this period was handled by COO Tim Cook. For some analysts rumored that Jobs would handover the reigns of the company this year.

The revelation saw Apple shares plunge by 7 percent on Wednesday. Analysts apprehend that although Jobs would be out-of-scene for a short-term, its tough to get a brain to replace the tech icon.

After his return to Apple a decade ago, Jobs has been the chief-architect behind the prolific growth of the company. He is said to be the mastermind that edges Apple over its rivals in a cut-throat consumer technology market. In most product innovations Apple lays the blueprint which are followed by the competitors. With the smartphone-iPhone nano on line, his departure would be marked by company’s loss of crucial, imaginative brain-fodder which is Apple’s mainstay in the competitive market.

What lurks Apple is an irreplaceable Steve Jobs? Well it’s testing time for the tech-giant. Will the company be able to bank on its potentially innovative minds. If you ask me personally, I will say an honest NO. The cult of mac has as much to do with Jobs as it is for Apple or Mac. Steve Jobs is one of those very few people in this world who has turned a successful company by his own success and not the other way around. Agree or not, Steve Jobs’ absence will surely be felt. How much? That depends on them who think joblessness will not hurt Apple.

Keep well Steve.

January 15, 2009: 9:35 am

I hope Mr Steve Jobs will be back soon, because Apple needs him a lot !

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