Apple’s Tablet Related Information Disclosed

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 21, 2010

tablet  Wall street Journal disclosed Tablet related information of Apple computer yesterday evening. The newspaper stated that  Apple wants to focus its tablet to provide content from different “old media” business sources, including textbooks, newspapers and television. Apple already revealed that tablet can be shared by different members of a family and primarily used for reading news and checking e-mail. Apple is creating the user interface keeping in mind about the sharing feature.

The report also disclosed that Apple has plan to launch cloud based iTune service called The user can buy music directly without using iTune service.
It further says that Apple wants to tie up with Microsoft to bring its Bing search service to its line of devices.

The other information includes:

  • The tablet is going to have virtual keyboard for the text input.
  • Electronic Arts  is working with Apple so that tablet can play games.
  • There is also rumor that Apple is working with a TV network for monthly subscription based service.
  • Apple also wants that different print services like newspaper and magazines can be printed in different ways on Tablet.
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