Clicktime Web based Timesheet Software Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

<b>timesheet</b>-clicktimeThe web based timesheets have changed the definition of time and expense management. These web based timesheet software have enabled the companies to accomplish time and expense tracking from anywhere at anytime with just a few clicks. In line with our web based timesheet reviews on 1timetracking, Replicon web timesheet and TimeLive, this time we brought Clicktime timesheet software under the scanner. ClickTime is an online time and expense management system used for time tracking, billing, cost accounting, and payroll. ClickTime includes the bonus features to help organize the business. We choose this software for those looking for less intricate timesheets. To get a detailed view of Clicktime lets go through its features.



Easy to use

Clicktime features an intuitive design that includes small tabs. The tabs highlight the name of the module they represent - Quick View, Timesheets, Expenses, Reports, People (Employees), Customers (Clients), Jobs (Projects), Tasks, Divisions (Reports by Sections of your Company), Preferences and Advanced features. The employees can enter time from

Time tracking function

The timesheet has extensive arrangements for tracking employee hours that include company holidays, vacation time and sick time. Clicktime allows real-time tracking of projects. It also enables the users to set hourly rates for  employees and assign tasks to them.


Clicktime generates instant online reports. The timesheet offers diverse reporting abilities and has the ability to create more than 40 different reports. The reporting module involves six categories:

  • People
  • Tasks
  • Jobs
  • Customers
  • Expenses
  • Miscellaneous

With the categories it is easier to find specific reports. from The employees can submit the expenses from anywhere and get them approved from anywhere through this web based timesheet software.

Other assistance

The software also assists the managerial functions with data-export to Excel, QuickBooks, PDF, and other popular software.


  • Clicktime requires no servers, no database or support staff, since it is an outsourced service.
  • It features a simple and easy to use interface
  • Access the timesheet anytime, anywhere


The underwhelming features of click time

  • The timesheet software has no allocations for tracking overtime and extra activities such as training sessions, meetings, presentation and customer billing invoices.
  • Although not a major problem, but the interface would have been more user-friendly if there were larger icons and more specific tab names.


Although Clicktime includes the vital time tracking and management features that is imperative for most companies, it lacks some of the extra features that could be vital for thriving businesses. For more, we would like to know your views on Clicktime.

September 24, 2010: 3:56 pm

I’m the senior product manager for ClickTime and I appreciate you taking the time to review our online (software as a service) time and expense tracking system. One correction regarding your review: we definitely offer the ability to track as many different activities as you choose. The activity or task list is fully customizable by each customer.

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