Countdown to the July 1 start of NBA free agency

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Countdown to the start of NBA free agency

The countdown to the start of the July 1 NBA free agency period, when stars such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and others are expected to hit the market:


LOGO CHANGE: Not only did Miami-Dade County change its name for the week of July 1-7, but it’s not stopping there in its lovefest of Dwyane Wade. Yep, Miami-Wade County (a nod from the county commissioners) will even have a new official logo for that week, replete with the Heat signature red and black colors. An unveiling ceremony is Wednesday in Miami, 13 hours before the official start of free agency.

SANDLER SPEAKS: The Knicks can’t talk to Chris Bosh until July 1. Ah, but one of their devoted fans got an audience with him Thursday. As Bosh appeared on ESPN Radio, Adam Sandler called in and sang praises of the Knicks, even suggesting that the future of New York was at stake. “I don’t where you’re thinking of going, but don’t you think the Lakers have enough guys on that squad, Bosh? What are you doing? What are you doing?” Sandler said, his voice rising in mock indignation. “I’m just talking about saving a town, Bosh. That’s it.” Bosh gave him some hope, telling Sandler that “a lot of people” love the Knicks.

NATE KICKS IT: Prospective suitors should know that free agent Nate Robinson is resourceful if nothing else. Early last season, he told Steve Nash he wanted to play in the Suns guard’s charity soccer game. Apparently Nash forgot, because Robinson learned Tuesday the event was about to happen and he hadn’t been invited. Through a connection on his former team, the Knicks, Robinson wrangled a last-minute invite — even though he had never played soccer before. He seemed unconcerned about his impending free agency. “I haven’t talked to my agent,” Robinson said. “I haven’t talked to anybody.”

TWEET OF THE DAY: July 1 is a magic day for the NBA. So was June 24 (and maybe not because of the draft). No, it was the day Apple’s newest iPhone was released. And the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan decided to use his deep NBA pockets to his advantage. “Willing to buy someone’s iPhone if they let me stand with them close to the front of the line….Any takers???”

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