Evernote free PIM Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

evernotelogoEvernote was right on top of our list of top 10 newest free iPhone apps. This app is now a hotshot among iPhone apps and is gaining users fast. Evernote is a web-based app that allows the user to capture information in any environment using a portable device or platform. The user can search and access this information from anywhere, at anytime. It’s a feature-rich app with to-do lists, favorite recipes, future projects, fashion inspiration, and much more. Evernote is currently in it’s beta version, but works better than the Google Notebook. Virtually Evernote works as assistant for those in business. Let’s have a broader look at this software app to dig out its best and worse.

To begin with let’s see how Evernote works as an iPhone and desktop app.


iPhone app

With iPhones flooding the markets mobile apps like Evernote is always handy for business as well as personal use. Using Evernote the user can add notes, review notes and edit some of the notes from the iPhone.

Desktop app

As a desktop app Evernote provides the user with a number of shortcuts to makes posting easier and faster. The interface is simple and intuitive. it is quite user-friendly. Still the workflow is not as steady as expected.

Key Features

Let’s get into the  key features of Evernote


Evernote entry system allows synchronization of notes across multiple machines. This enables the user to search and access information on the information remotely. For instance you can handle the contents in Evernote remotely from your iPhone.


This is a web based app that allows you to access the information from Internet connection. The contents can be readily accessed from the even without your own computer or desktop client.

Image Recognition

Evernote’s search function is is pretty cool. It can even recognize text beyond direct text and digital ink input. Evernote uses the AIR (advanced Image Recognition) technology for searching typed and handwritten text in images taken form camera or scanner. It uses ANR (Advanced Notes Recognition) for search in notes from the pen-enabled devices such as Pocket PC, Tablet PC, Ultra-Mobile PC, and digital paper.  Contents in the receipts,  lablels and signs can be searched constantly.

Capture and Clipper tool

That’s one of the most handy feature with Evernote. The capture tool organizes, categorizes, and stores all the information. This makes it easy to access the information whenever required. Again if you find something important on the web, you can either copy the entire page, highlight or clip only a certain portion of it.

Moreover Evernote features a smart Clipper that allows you to clip a portion of the webpage. To do this in simpler way you can just drag & drop the content on web directly to Evernote.

For instance, if you need a certain portion of a webpage just highlight the content and right click on it and click on the Add to Evernote. It takes just a few seconds. It remember the the URL automatically.

Moreover Evernotes allow you to save text, save photo, snap shot and voice notes.


Tagging has been the most effective way to access and categorize the information. With multiple tags there are numerous ways of storing the information. Assigning tags and keywords to all types of notes allows searching by keyword.


  • As the capture tool allows access to all the information, there are no hassles of folder after folder and notepad after notepad.
  • It is a cross-platform app that works on Mac as well as Windows.
  • Information can be tied to the notebook name, date updated and created, tags for easy searching later and location.


  • Evernote doesn’t have the quick entry functionality like Journler and Togather. Metadata in a note can only be changed through the desktop app’s full window.
  • Although Evernote allows saving of searches, but selecting the save search open up the tag list completely.
  • The mobile version doesn’t allow the note list.


Evernote is often compared with its rivals personal information managers Journler and Togather.


With some cool features Evernote seems a handy personal information manager for business as well as personal use.  It may not be as efficient as Journler or Togather, but offers greater mobility. It is is relatively new and can overcome it’s functionality shortcomings in future. Evernote remains high on possibilities with announcements for upgradations in its Desktop app. Now if you have something to share on Evernote, go ahead.

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