Top 10 Most Essential iPhone Apps for your Daily Life

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, August 17, 2009

iphoneappiPhone is not just a luxury now, it has grown into our daily life. Loaded with apps, iPhone have taken mobile usage to the next level. It’s no more a communicating device rather an all rounder that is capable of handling anything between personal productivity to small-scale business automation services. Coming to the daily life iPhone apps can be a handy support in any of your routine jobs. Be it traveling, cooking, exercising or else, App Store has an app for every slightest need in your life. After a thorough research we picked the top 10 iPhone apps for your daily life that could make your life a hell lot easier.

1.  Evernote


This is Create notes, snapshots and audio notes with Evernote. Its entry system allows synchronization of notes across multiple machines. This iPhone app allows you to search by keywords and text found within images. Try to sort by tags and other attributes. It allows you to view the thumbnail previews of notes in search results.  For more you can take a plunge into our review on Evernote.


2. iActu

You morning’s begins with a newspaper, right? What if your morning begins with 500 newspapers. This iPhone app interface is perfectly integrated to the iPhone. iActu offers you a shelf to organize your favorite titles.


3. YP Mobile App

For those itinerant creatures who love to party daily, this app is an perfect escort. With YPMobile App you could find a place to eat or a concert to attend. Completely plan your trip with the app. Find maps to places where you wanna go and invite your friends to the party with the map.


4. Remember the milk

Get your task listed anywhere with this feature-packed app. You can see the tasks located nearby and complete the tasks on the go, organize upcoming tasks and sync it all with Remember The Milk.


5. Computer Repairs

Suppose you computer crashes and despite all the toubleshooting stuff you are unable to get it on the tracks. This iPhone app could sort out your problem by connecting you to a professional in your area to help.


6. Weatherbug

Weather is probably the most unpredictable thing that you have to face in your daily life. Once you step out of your home you never know what’s there waiting in the sky. Weatherbug includes all the typical bells and whistles that you expect from a standard weather app. This iPhone app adds a something more to it that shows wind speed and direction. It offers real-time wind tracking it is updated every few seconds, showing the wind speed and direction. Well, you might not just require it for flying kites, lol.


7. Yoga Trainer Pro

Customizing your Yoga sessions could be as simple as you can imagine with this fully interactive app. That’s what you call Yoga anytime, anywhere.  With over 70 poses Yoga Trainer Pro offers a complete guide to Yoga for beginners as well as advanced learners. Eeven without a trainer or course fees you could perform Yoga like anyone else.


8. Chef


For all you super-tasters who love cooking this is simply a great iPhone app. Chef allows you search recipies, view your own and bookmark other recipes. In addition, you’ll have the list for grocery.


9. Dobot Todos


To -do-lists have almost grown into our lives. Dobot is a feature packed app with a plain text interface that offers ease of use. With Dobot you can add a task, edit the Task name due date, priority and note. The task priority can be easily changed with a slight tap. Overall it makes a simple, sophisticated and free to-do-list.

10. Flashlights

This one is a pretty hany app at nights,  in darkness, when you go blind as bats. It’s actually a tiny flash lights that can guide your way in dark. It’s a must for your midnight trips to bathroom.


August 21, 2009: 4:27 pm

love the yoga trainer app…it really keeps my continuity going when I can’t make the classes…also liked your reco of the iActu …am going to try it out later today…if it’s as good as you say, it should be a winner…Mike

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