Expert Says that Hacking Smartphone is Easy

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, July 22, 2010

cellphone Los Angeles Times recently reports that security expert  DePetrillo and Don Bailey discovered a seven digit code that can unfold all of the secrets of your smart phone. The report further says that using simple technique the expert can use your cell phone number to determine where you live and work, where you travel and when you sleep. They can even listen your voice messages and personal phone call. The job of the two security experts is to find out the security loopholes that are yet to be fixed by smart-phone makers and their wireless carriers.

Since smart phones are very powerful and widely used, they also become central part for data, that includes user’s digital Rolodex, e-mails and credit card details. Most phones are also fitted with a global positioning device that beams its location.Once the hacker came to know your phone number, they will be able to know your name by using the vulnerability of Caller-Id system.  Using special software, they can imitate a call — that is, make a call that appears to the phone company as if it’s coming from your number. They can then call themselves using your number and watch as their Caller ID device shows up with your name.

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