Kindle makers PVI Merges And E Ink Plan To Merge

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

e-inkPrime View International (PVI), a leading display maker, announces that it plans to acquire e-paper manufacturer E Ink for $ 125. Earlier the companies had joined hands to create displays for Sony Reader and’s Kindle e-book readers. PVI produces displays for various digital devices such as cameras, TVs and GPS systems. The company owns a e-paper unit and is a leading provider of flexible display panels. E Ink makes digital ink technology for cell phones, e-readers, and other portable devices.

PVI is already works with E Ink. PVI is E Inks biggets customers after it switched from LCDs to electronic ink for its display panels. The electronic ink offers higher resolution and consumers less power than the traditional LCD panels .

With the merger, the companies would be able to have a better grab over the growing e-reader market.

According to Russ Wilcox, E Ink’s co-founder, president, and CEO,

Combining E Ink and PVI creates a single public company that is dedicated to electronic paper

Further, he added that the common ownership structure will get them closer to customers around the world, streamline the supply chain, and speed up new product development.

E Ink has been sustaining with investments from other companies like Intel, Motorola, and Philips. The acquisition by PVI would make E Ink a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. E Ink would be keeping its headquarters and staff in Cambridge and accelerate its research and development on e-paper and expand its capacity.

Still what remains to be discussed is that PVI’s plans for acquisition would come true, only if it is approved by shareholders of both the companies.

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