WordPress Adds Geotagging and Goelocation features

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 13, 2009

wordpressWhile reading a blog, have you ever felt like knowing where the blog was written? It becomes more important when you are searching for blog posts from a specific locality. On Twitter you can attach location to the Tweets and even Foursquare offers the property. Now its time for bloggers hosting their sites on WordPress to highlight their location along with the post. WordPress.com has introduced a new geotagging and goelocation feature for the bloggers. Form now on when bloggers enter their WordPress blog, they will get the option to identify their location.

Browsers that support the feature will show up this information automatically. The user has to double-check the location to make sure it is correct. Further, the Firefox users can use add-ons like Operator and Geo to view geo-information on any web page. Apart from geotagging your post, the new feature would also allow you to geotag your profile. This will allow readers to search for blog posts written by writers in their locality or blogs posted from a definite location. This would be an optional feature and bloggers can opt-out from disclosing using the geotagging in their blog.


There is no more to come in the way of location features. As provided in the WordPress.com blog

we’ll gradually roll out more geotagging features, such as showing the location of your commenters, the location of poll votes, a live map view of blog updates on WordPress.com, or an annual report showing you where your posts were written and where your comments came from.

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