Mozilla JetPack API Will Let You Install and Work any Firefox Add-on Without a Restart or Downloading latest version

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, May 22, 2009

jetpack_logoEverytime you attach an add-on to your Firefox you need to restart the browser. It’s a sheer waste of time and a test of your patience. What if you could do the same without a restart? Mozilla has sort out the problem with the launched of Jetpack API. It allows the developers to create add-ons that could be added without restarting the browser. Jetpack developers will be able to use HTML, CSS and javascript to develop the new add-ons. According to Mozilla the features of Jetpack can be written in less than dozen lines of code. Jetpack will be an extrapolation in using Web technologies to boost up the browsers performance, especially for those want to build websites to make the Web a better place to work, communicate and play.

From the users perspective, its convenient to have such technologies like Jetpack that will allow them to add new features to Firefox, without a restart or other compatibility issues. Further, what this means is there’s little to almost no disruption to online experience.

The company comprises a community of 8,000 developers who have created over 12,000 add-ons until November 2008. In the last four years, Mozilla has provided more than a billion add-ons for free download.


Mozilla sets a warning along with the release of Jetpack 1.0. It is an unpolished, unfinished and still highly prototyped. Further,  There are no fully formed security model so the users need to work with caution.

The company has asked the developers to reel back with their experience on the API design and any hitch ups.

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