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By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 2, 2010

PeopleBrowsr a social media analytics whose clientele includes the big wigs like Sony and Kodak has launched its social search product The new tool will allow social marketers and brand managers to find the 1% of the Twitter users tat might be interested in buying their products. This whole new idea is designed to give the brands an insight into their target demographic.

The product enables users to search the tweets of the users for some specific keyword they deem fit. The results will be shown as as per the user reaction, ie a positive or a negative response. The tool will also provide a graphical overview of the tweets on a month or weeks span. The user will get a positive or a negative response based on a sentiment pie chart. The company calls the technology that powers the engine as “Viral Analytics”. It provides the user with the opportunity to see the degrees of separation from other Twitter users. The price for a single license fixed at $99 per user after a week of free trial is a bit too steep. That said there is not denying that this tool will provide an amazing browsing experience.

PeopleBrowsr started off as a consumer-facing social application for managing Twitter and Facebook streams. In recent times it has shifted its focus to enterprise-level data mining, analytics and brand engagement. This product is the sum total of all their technological innovations.

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