Xbox 360 Games of 2009: Top 10 Upcoming Treats to Keep You Glued

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Could you miss out that Obama campaign in Xbox 360’s Burnout Paradise? Well the Xbox freaks have seen a lot in 2008.   What does the Microsoft white box gamers have for the running year? Nothing new but the revolutionary Xbox 360 is always fun with styled display menus and multi-dimensional rumble settings. For a Pro who  hanged up with the Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV or Resident evil 4 its time to get refreshed. You have got the top 2009 games to get on. All these are exclusive and upcoming video games for gamers of different tastes and gaming habits.

1. Resident Evil 5

What’s new about the RE 5 is the visual polish, a finely modified strain of the Resident Evil 4 control scheme, the critically adulterated settings of African Savanah and the online cooperative multiplayer. Pick you munitions to X-out the  undead foes.

2. Biochock 2

The debut was rocking and with the enigmatic trailer you know its going to do over. Continued to be a sequel, it’s serves to be a part of the prequel.

3. Halo Wars

Creators of Age of Empire, RTS builders Ensemble Studios are up with the next big thing. It’s a real-time strategy war game with UNSC armies fighting off the evil Covenant.

4. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned

It’s again in the game in Liberty City, but not with Niko Bellic again. This time its the grizzled biker Johnny Klebitz, just get him. The favorite virtual metropolis has undergone new upgrades with new weapons, missions, vehicles and multiplayer modes.

5. Dark Void

Capcom’s upcoming shooter Dark Void is the going great. That’s dark as dungeon and you got to fly up the side of escarpments to blast of the enemies.

6. Brutal Legend

For a heavy metal misadventure so brutal by Double Fine Productions. The heavy metal roadie Eddie Riggs is up in arms to save humanity, it’s no rock and roll.

7. Halo 3: ODST

The Halo-buffs were always waiting for this. The game has been designed for an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper with nary a Master Chief in sight. It’s same the first person shooter but with more fragility. That’s gets cracking the entire combat style.

8. Race Pro

Now if you’ve rushed out the GTR racing series by SimBin you know what’s real racing’s about. Well this one is just designed for X360 by SimBin to offer a veritable racing simulator experience.

9. Final Fantasy XIII

That’s a blazing one for next generation gamers. Final Fantasy XIII is part from the three game The New Tale of The Crystal. The gun and sword wielding heroine, Lightning is out for a kill.

10. Street fighter IV

The legendary game is back with the traditional martial arts. This time it has Capcom’s freshest assailant.

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