Top 10 WordPress Theme for Photographers

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wordpress-logoIf you are a professional photographer, you need a platform to highlight your talent, there couldn’t be a better option than exhibiting your amazing works via Internet, on a photography blog. The photo blog themes provide you all the tools you need to get started for displaying your photos online and reaching new clients. It will not only reinforce your recognition as an artist, but also encourage communication with your potential customers. While deciding to set up a blog the first hurdle you face is choosing the right photography-optimized theme. There are a number of standard WordPress themes to choose from, but only a few of them are optimized for photography. To reduce the hassle of picking the right theme from the lot, we went for extensive googling to pick out the top 10 wordPress theme for photographers. Have a look at them.

1. PhotoPressPro

It’s a fantabulous Wordpress theme designed for Professional photographers. PhotoPressPro is a premium single-column WordPress theme with highly-impressive features. The widget ready theme is embellished with a slidehow header, dropdown navigation menu, and above all, an easy to use control panel. It’s allows full customization of all aspects in your blog including fonts, colors, background and bio images. With PhotoPressPro you can display full screen images with built in copyright protection.


2. ShutterThemes

Any photographer seeking a stylish and professional photo gallery in Wordpress would find an appeal in this wondrous theme. ShutterThemes offer five photo gallery themes. The themes feature plenty of options and minimal extravagances. Casted on a dark background the photos directly shoot out of the screen. The theme offers effective navigation and is widget-ready, allowing you to full freedom to present your information and photos. Additionally, the designers can adopt it as portfolio theme.


3. Spotless

For a classic, clear and minimalistic theme, Spotless could be the one stop choice.  The theme features white background and light grey font colors. It’s deliberately designed to allow the photos occupy the center of the page, ensuring that they receive the maximum attention.


4. Monotone


It’s a unique WordPress theme for the photo bloggers that automatically changes the background colors of the theme to complement those in your photos. Monotone selects sample colors from the first image attached to the post and uses it embellish the surrounding layout. Each of the posts should contain a single image and in some parts the text you wanna display.   That’s a cool feature which ensures that the colors of your photograph perfectly matches the ambiance.


5. Photo Blog


This is one of the simplest Wordpress theme sans widget and sidebar. It’s a fixed width layout that can be easily customized.
It’s clarity of the theme that makes the photos vividly pominent. Interestingly, it has the Logo.psd included (image folder)


6. Nishita

This is a simple and panoramic photo blogging theme for WordPress featuring white and grey hues. With the photos right at the center and a soothing background, it ensures that there are no distractions. The entire focus is on your photos or images. Uploading images in Nishita is pretty hassle free job. The options for navigation are nicely done.


7. Snapshot

This is a fully-featured WordPress theme that offers an elegant and stylish photo showcase, portfolio site or design gallery. The theme assembles two different layouts to create either a photoblog-style site or a portfolio/showcase site. Snapshot offers default red, blue or lime. What’s more, Snapshot has an options page that makes it easy to change your logo, add Google Aalytics or even Feedburner.


8. Ocular Professor

That’s a panoramic photo gallery-style WordPress theme that comes with an alluring showcase for any photoblogger. The photos are featured in the front with captions offset to the right. It offers the unique WordPress gallery function. The footer is widget-ready and includes the featured post option. Adding to the a la catre is the prolific typography that makes the image captions really enticing.

9. Click

This is a one of the five photo blogging theme by taly. It offers a clean background setup perfect for highlighting the photographs.

10.  f8 remixed


This piece of photography blog theme for Wordpress has been created by photographer and multimedia producer Thad Allender. It’s not free but it’s awesome - it’s a unique theme for Wordpress designed to transform your Web site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio Web site.


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February 16, 2010: 8:03 am

Like the SnapShot theme - seen it a few times customisable and fresh. Good list!

August 12, 2009: 11:36 am

That was nice theme collection. You did a great job.

July 24, 2009: 10:30 am

wow cool themes dude, perfect to the core, where do you get such ideas

July 23, 2009: 9:01 am

Thank you for putting PhotoPressPro on your top 10 list! We are honored to be here.
I wanted to mention that the screenshot you included for our theme is not actually our theme. Let me know if I can email you an updated one.
Thank you again!

July 17, 2009: 8:29 am

Cool! Love these themes, they’re perfectly designed to feature the wonderful works of photographers. My favorite’s the Ocular Professor, very very stylish yet simple. Thanks!

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