UK council workers visit Facebook more than their own website!

Friday, December 24, 2010

LONDON - A secret audit report has revealed that council staff in UK spends majority of their time online surfing Facebook instead of their own website.

eBay, Yahoo, gaming website and BBC news were the other top sites workers at Waverley Borough Council surf through the day. The authors estimated that the cost of the Internet ‘misuse’ could run to many thousands of pounds.

“The significant amount of time some members of staff spend surfing the Internet may indicate that their role does not warrant a full-time position,” the Daily Mail quoted the commissioned report as saying.

One section mentioned how one worker had spent 90 hours and ten minutes online in a month and another 73 hours and 16 minutes.

The most popular website overall with staff was Facebook, while the next most popular link was the council’s own website, but that’s probably because it was set up as the home page for many workers.

“With council tax nearly doubled over the last decade, and pressure on council finances, local authorities need to show that they can improve their efficiency and waste less money,” said Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

A spokesman for the council said, “Although no abuse of systems took place, for peace of mind management has restricted access to various sites and has updated its staff policy on the acceptable use of IT.” (ANI)

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