International Trade

WASHINGTON - For three years, technology and telecommunications companies have watched nervously from the sidelines as the United States and nearly a dozen trading partners have negotiated a trade agreement that critics feared could undermine all sorts of online activities.

CAIRO - Egypt hopes to see a tenfold increase in exports from its growing outsourcing industry by 2020 and will boost its focus on information technology entrepreneurship and co-ownership of intellectual property, the country's information technology minister said Wednesday.

GENEVA - The European Union signaled Tuesday that it was prepared to scrap tariffs on billions dollars (euros) worth of high-tech exports from the United States, Japan and Taiwan, which were ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization last month.

SEOUL, South Korea - California Gov.
TechAmerica spent $350,000 to lobby in 2Q
WASHINGTON - The Technology Association of America spent $350,000 in the second quarter to lobby the government on federal spending on information technology and cybersecurity services, among other issues, according to a quarterly disclosure report.
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