facebook-logo1 In order to satisfy the hunger of the investors to invest  at one of the Internet's biggest growth firm, there is a high degree of chances that Facebook, the biggest social networking site, may go on public by the late 2012. The highly anticipated IPO will value tens of billions of dollars for the company. With half a billion users the company is closely watched by the aspiring investors so that some day they will be able to buy public shares in the fast-growing company. According to the Reuter news,  its revenue is close to $800 million in 2009 and it is already profitable service in six years.
yahoo Yahoo product chief Blake Irving demonstrated the audience a collection of new products today. He told them "You’re going to see things over the next few years that will feel a little bit different." But, he did not mention any internal details or was reluctant to give the definition of success and failure. However, Techcrunh came to know a little bit about the deal from a source: an increase in the number of unique visitors to Yahoo properties from today’s 622 million to a staggering 1 billion. And an increase in overall Yahoo revenue from last year’s $6.5 billion to a mind-blowing  $10 billion.
newtwitterui-big Microblogging site, Twitter Inc. that gets 370,000 new users daily on average, is  revamping the site so that millions of users can navigate the site and get the information more easily. The company that boasted for 145 million users, is adding some key features such as embedded YouTube videos and other content, which is featured in a new two-pane layout. The new twitter.com will be rolled out to a small number of users on Tuesday and will reach out gradually on a global basis over the next several weeks.
facebook-logo According to new data from market researcher ComScore, Internet users spend more time socializing on Facebook in August rather than searching information on Google searching engine. Comscore further reported that people spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, which is 9.9 percent of the total number of minutes they spent online for the month. That surpassed the 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent of total time, that Net users spent on all Google's sites including its search engine, YouTube, Gmail, and Google News.
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