Yahoo’s Email Account in China Was Hacked

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

china According to a Beijing-based press association, the email accounts of foreign journalists in China and Taiwan got hacked. Recently, Google got into a row with Chinese authorities because Gmail accounts based China have been hacked. The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China(FCCC)reported eight cases of hacking of Yahoo Email accounts in China. The company condemned this Cyber attack. A reporter of Irish Times complained that he got an error message while he tried to log into Yahoo. FCCC charged Yahoo for not giving the user about the information of possible cyberattack.

Yahoo has not answered the FCCC’s questions about the attacks, nor has it told individual mail users how the accounts were accessed,” a spokesman told the news agency.

The censorship in China made the recent headlines when there is a cyberattck on human right activists in China. However, Chinese govt vehemently denied the allegation about possible cyberattack on human right activists. But, this is well known fact that China strict controls the content about pornography and sensitive political material. Although, Google recently blamed China for the attack, the company was not sure whether it was a technical issue or a deliberate act. The issue has now been resolved.

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