The Growth of Search Volume Dropped in US

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 9, 2010

snail_1 The overall growth of search queries in US slowed down drastically. According to comScore’s qSearch study, the search volume dropped 7.6 percent in March, 2010 from 10.4 percent growth in February, 2010 and 33.1 percent growth in March, 2009. The negative growth may be an indication of the fact that search engines are getting ready for the next phase when people will start searching with their mobile devices in a significant way.

Although, the growth of overall search engines dropped, Bing registered the fastest growth with 51 percent in March and the next one is Google with 10 percent growth. Both have surpassed the overall growth in this month. On the contrary Yahoo witnessed  search volume decline 11 percent annually, although it did gain a tenth of a percent share since February. Google actually dropped 0.3 percent from February, 2010, while Bing and Yahoo together gained .1% and .2% respectively.

Goog Engine 65.1% -0.3% m/m +1.4% y/y
Yahoo 16.9% +0.1% m/m -3.6% y/y
Microsoft 11.7% +0.2% m/m +3.4% y/y
Ask 3.8% +0.1% m/m +0.0% y/y
AOL 2.5% 0.0% m/m -1.2% y/y
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