PC Inspector data recovery software: Reviewed for You

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 6, 2009

filerecoveryThere’s a gamut of data recovery tools to recover the deleted files. Most of them are paid such as the GetDataBack and EasyRecovery, but I was looking for a free one. From the list of my top 10 data recovery software tools I picked a widely used freeware, PC INSPECTOR File Recovery 4.x. The software is in its 4th version, replacing the 6 year old 3.x. We can always interpret the new version to be more stable and efficient. More so, it’s a CONVAR Deutschland application that implies you experience the German Technology in action. I decided to beat the dead horse with a PC Inspector review.

Features of the PC Inspector File Recovery 4.x


First let’s get on with a brief overview of the new features and then move into details

  • Even if the boot sector or FAT gets erased, it can find the erased or damaged partitions automatically.
  • The recovered files offer their original time and date stamp
  • Allows you to save the recovered files on network drives
  • The Special Recovery Function allows recovery even if the header entry is missing. The supported disk format are ARJ AVI BMP CDR DOC DXF DBF XLSEXE GIF HLP HTML HTM JPG LZH MID MOV MP3 PDF PNG RTF TAR TIF WAV ZIP

More about PC Inspector data recovery software


The interface is not too intricate and designed decently, contrary to most software of German origin. The first screen offers you options for changing the language. There are 10 languages to choose from that includes English, German, Russian, Estonian and Chinese (Simplified).

File Recovery

Although not as powerful as GetDataBack and EasyRecovery, PC Inspector offers options for recovering deleted files, finding lost data, or finding lost drive.

With the Select Drive window you can choose a logical drive to recover the data. Moreover the details of the drive like sectors per cluster, number of clusters, partition types and volume label can be seen from the Preview option.

Quick Scan

What needs a mention necessarily is that it is quite fast with the scan, as it finds only the partitions and hard disk(s) installed in the system. On the other end a short time for data retrieval also incurs a doubt over the depth of the analysis.

Info of deleted files

The recovered files are accompanied by information like the size, moification date, MFT Master File Table) entry. The condition of the file deleted from the hard disk are labeled as good that looks a bit suspicious.The type of file on the folder, audio file, image or video file. The deleted files can be viewed as hex or as text. This advanced feature can be used by power users to evaluate the consistency of the file.

The upside

  • For a FAT 32 file system the PC Inspector File Recovery fairs well. Files without FAT info can be recovered, if only the partition info is available. The deleted files can be recovered if they hadn’t been overwritten.
  • Sometimes loads of files are recovered with this data recovery software. It has a search tool using which you can search the specific files. Further it has a file mask that ensures the program displays only the files that match the mask.
  • It’s easy to save the files, just a right click and you have the Save To options.

The downside

  • As you already know NTFS is preferred over FAT file systems for Microsoft Windows operating system. The main pit fall of the PC  Inspector file recovery software seems that it fails to recover data from an NTFS drive containing data, although its partition and file tables had been overwritten.
  • It doesn’t set up for Windows XP you need a download manager
  • The program displays all the deleted files along with the deleted files
  • Most importantly, list of the files accompanies several ghosts. It seems like you buck the odds when opening the retrieved files.


Just because the PC  Inspector file recovery software is free, I won’t recommend it as a fully-acceptable piece for data recovery. Well then you have the option to wait for developers to instill improvements.

August 2, 2010: 3:35 am

It’s easy to save the files, just a right click and you have the Save To options.

rabble robble
March 14, 2009: 10:33 pm

PC INSPECTOR - Smart Recovery

I used this FREE program to recover 350 photos lost on a corrupted SD memory card (improperly ejected). **The trick I used was not to insert the SD card directly into my CPU’s memory card reader, rather I had an after market cheapo single SD Cardreader that plugged into an open USB port (stuck the card in this and then into a USB on my CPU). That somehow made the connection that allowed this program to recover the files. It took a few hours because most files were 4 mbs, but I believe it recovered every single one.

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