How to Recover Lost Data?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

data-recovery310191219_std We need data recovery tools on daily basis. Once we lose very sensitive data, we get desperate to retrieve them at any cost. Data recovery is very delicate job. The key is that once you lose your data in a particular hard drive, please, do not copy or install anything on it. Leave the drive intact. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to recover data. Just make an image at a different location of your hard drive where you lost your data and use the data recovery tool on the image to recover data. There are quite a few good open source data recovery tool available in the market and Scrounge NTF is one of them. We are going to take a quick look of the tool.

Scrounge NTF is a data recovery program for NTFS file systems. It reads each block of a hard disk and rebuilds the filesystem tree on another partition. You should have your partition information stored somewhere in advance. In order to use Scrounge-ntfs, you have to know start sector, end sector, cluster size (size of one block of data on a partition) and MFT ( Master File Table). If you don’t know the data, just type ’scrounge-ntfs -l disk’. When you get back the data, type ’scrounge-ntfs -m 6291456 -c 8 /dev/hdd 206848 566964224′.This command will recover the data and put it at your root directory. If you want the data in your particular directory, please, use the command ’scrounge-ntfs -m 6291456 -c 8 -o /root/recover /dev/hdd 206848 566964224′.

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I think it’s importnat to re-iterate that you shouldn’t try and put any more data on any drive that you are having diffiuclties accessing, it’s surprising how many people do.

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