SEO Benefits of Translator Plugin Pro / Gold For Your WordPress Blog

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 4, 2006

Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro and Translator Plugin Gold offer tremendous SEO advantage ethically to your blog by instantly providing 8 times the original number of pages. These pages are indistinguisable to search engines and are treated as any other pages of your blog. ptvguy from WordPress forums has provided a crystal clear explanation of the SEO benefits for your blog:

Since angsuman didn’t spell this out for those unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, I will. The more original content your site has, the more value there is assigned to it by a search engine (as long as it’s not duplicated content–which has the opposite effect.) This leads to higher PageRank.

Multiple translations of the exact same content represents the only acceptable way (that I know of) to get around these rules against content duplication. Not only is it not looked down upon, it’s actually seen as a valid service. If your current PageRank is at all close to the line of going up, this could be what pushes it over the hump.

Thanks for the clear explanations.

You can get your copy here.

July 22, 2010: 12:10 am

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April 6, 2010: 4:05 am

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August 25, 2009: 10:32 am

omg awesome, dling it nwo ;P

February 25, 2009: 9:43 am

interesting plugin, I might give a try…

January 11, 2009: 7:37 pm

That’s a smart point…for sure

January 7, 2009: 3:27 pm

Interesting product, it makes more page and create for human. I think I should have one

July 29, 2008: 11:24 pm

The translations are perfectly readable in IE as well as all other browsers. The quality is equivalent to what is provided by major automatic translation engines like Babelfish or WorldLingo.

The primary objective of the translator is to create pages for human. Translator Plugin Pro & Gold makes your blog available to a much wider audience, people who never had access to your content before.

July 29, 2008: 5:54 pm

Are the translation readable IE if someone who does not understand english wanted to read the translations would they be able to understand it or is this for created more pages?

June 28, 2008: 7:54 am

it works now, thanks for updating the link.

June 12, 2008: 5:59 am

Thanks. I have corrected the link in the post above. You can read more about Translator Plugin Gold here.

June 11, 2008: 1:31 am

Where is the download link, Click in “here” link but nothing can found.

May 4, 2008: 7:53 pm

Interesting product, I am looking forward to using it.

October 21, 2006: 11:22 pm

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September 23, 2006: 6:27 am

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September 20, 2006: 7:55 am

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