Top 10 Popular Free Drupal themes

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

drupalIf you dare to look beyond the Wordpress themes, there is a good option in Drupal. Whether for business, travel, magazine or any other website, Drupal has an assortment of themes. More so after official redesigning has encouraged theme designers to create exciting drupal designs. Still it’s no easy to find an ideal theme that would suit all your needs. With time your needs will fluctuate, so it’s always better to begin with a free theme for your site. this will allow you to get acquainted with elements and features of Drupal theme and then you can buy a premium theme. It asked for an extensive research from us to explore the Top 10 popular free Drupal themes.

1. Acquia Marina

This is a bright, colorful, and vivid theme elegantly highlighting touches of graphics with block title icons, dropdown menus, unique content styling for different regions, and background fades. This free theme features 15 content regions as well as advanced theme settings that offers extensive customization from the point-and-click admin interface.


2. Amor Azul

With Amor Azul(Blue Love) there are several ways to offset or feature the content.  It is a fixed and tableless design with valid for XHTML and CSS 2.0. Amor Azul  could be an ideal theme for active community site or for e-commerce sale of multiple products. It’s an entirely block based theme that makes it easy to edit without going to FTPs and maintain fresh installation.


3. Agregado

This is one of the coolest drupal theme originally designed for Wordpress. It’s features a 2 columns tableless design build in valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1. It allows site name, slogan, mission, comment user pictures, search box, shortcut icon, primary and secondary links, and more.


4. AD The Morning After

It’s a part of AD Theme series sponsored by Duplika. This is simply a great theme for content management systems and open source templates.


5. Magazeen

As the name suggests this is a typical magazine theme with an exquisite color scheme. Magazeen is a 2 column theme focused on typography, grids and magazine theme.


6. Bluebusiness

This free drupal theme is exclusively designed for businesses. In general it can also be used for other sites. With 2 fixed-width swappable columns and an elegant design in white and skyblue the theme has an uncanny appeal.


7. Deco

This theme offers a 3 column layout with small secondary right sidebar and bigger normal right sidebar. The region between header and content for the mission and feature content.


8. Marinelli

This is a flexible 3 column, tableless theme featuring an enticing, wide image banner. Optional dropdown menu per Primary Links Just activate it in the theme settings page. Additionally this theme offers a better heading for management for SEO.


9. SEO position

This is a 3 columns and two right-side sidebars theme for drupal 4.7x. With the contrast of darker header and clean body it makes an interesting combination for the theme.


10. Alek 2.0

Alek features a three-column(Content/Left Sidebar/Right Sidebar) layout, combining three additional columns(block regions) providing an opportunity to place more blocks with less cluttering. the block titles are iconed by default and can be customized with modifications in style sheet.


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July 29, 2010: 6:46 am

Nice collection of “top 10 drupal themes”, thanks.

April 25, 2010: 2:26 pm

thank you very much

February 26, 2010: 9:28 pm

I very love drupal. All my website using drupal.

February 16, 2010: 8:01 am

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October 29, 2009: 4:35 am

I am using wordpress also, but in the Drupal theming, what is the best for seo?
I try Acquia Marina, because I see one of the most beautiful and easy themes.

July 9, 2009: 3:13 pm

nice collection you have here, thank to drupal easy used and some great designers giving free theme.

May 1, 2009: 2:41 am

Sorry my english firstly, i read well but i cant write :), So its useful post for me and i bookmarked your blog. Thanks.

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