Top 10 Linkedin Apps for You

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 5, 2009

Within just a few months of its launch on Open Social, Linkedin is creating ripples. Bloggers are looking to enrich their profiles, share and communicate with networks. They are also hunting for crucial breakthroughs to be more effective. This may be why the Linkedin apps are precipitating fast. There are loads of tools on offer. This is what left me with the task to unearth the top Linkedin apps for you so that you can get the most out of it.

1. LinkedAbox

It’s a widget to lend a premium look to your blog or site. All your profile information appear in a  apple-pie order on a rectangular box. This could be a prolific sidebutton, ahead of the link to your profile page. For the information you need to provide is just below


2. Company Buzz

It’s you company’s reputation at stake. What a way to know what people have to say about your company. On the contrary it’s a tool to keep a track of your company. Let people send out messages about your company through blogs, twitter and across the Internet. Company Buzz would track the comments to provide a overview of your company’s trend.


3. WordPress

It allows you to sync your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. Best way to keep your network known about you.

4.  Search Engines for Firefox

You can use this pluggin to add a LinkedIn search options to the Firefox browser’s default search box on top right corner. It offers you two engine. With one you can search contacts by name, title, or organization and with another you can search jobs in LinkedIn network.


5. Files

You were always looking for an app to manage your files. Well this app allows you to manage all your important files online. For more, you can share content on your profile and communicate with your colleagues and friends.


6. Google Presentations

Simply a great way to highlight you and your brand on LinkedIn. So why not hang a visual portfolio of your professional accomplishments. That given, what about showcasing a presentation or discussion. Either upload a Powerpoint file or better you can use Google’s online application to embed a presentation on your profile. I must add it’s a remarkable stuff to introduce yourself to the professional arena.


7. My Travel

It’s for the travel-lovers. This one is your Window to see where the LinkedIn people are traveling to. Excellent platform to share your the experiences of your current location, upcoming trips and travel stats with your network. Not a bad idea to reveal your trusted colleagues when you’ll be in the same city.


8. Slide Share

Probably this one could be the most intelligible way for a presentation on LinkedIn. Not just this it also helps you to tag experts of different industries and topics. Above all with it you can emphasize on your professional reputation by embedding SlideShare  presentations featuring your profile and achievements.


9. My Resume

This Facebook app allows you to post your LinkedIn profile or resume on Facebook. Request resumes from your Facebook friends. To help you out with your resume there’s a list of Top 100 resumes ranked by the number of recommendations. For more you can also view resumes of professionals, not present in your immediate network. To do that you would require to earn credits by inviting friends to visit your resume, write on it or get recommendation.


10. My Company’s Hiring

This is another Facebook app that you can use to display available job positions in your organization. This is a double bonus if your company pays referral fee for bringing in new employees. It’s time you use the power of social networking to help you earn a part of this fees.


June 7, 2010: 11:31 pm

Twextra lets you post larger status messages on LinkedIn. It lets you overcome the 140 character limit. Plus, your messages can have rich-text and images.

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