10 Best iPod Hacks For You

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To extract more than what you have paid for iPod, you need to hack the device. There’s more ask from the iPod than the music, contacts, calendars and notes. If you are geeky brain you’d be craving for the hottest iPod hacks to get under the carpet. iPod hack could include anything from modding the case, installing custom software, or tearing it up and doubling the memory. For all those looking to make the most of their iPod, we made an attempt to pull together the top 10 iPod hacks that you love to try.

Before you try any of these hacks, we need to give you a word of precaution that your ubiquitous media player might run out forever. Further once you crack open your iPod, Apple will void your iPod’s guarantee, and render the device useless.

1. iPodLinux

For the gaming buffs who’d like their iPod to score, iPodLinux could be the key. You need to replace iPod firmware with iPod Linux. It is freely available and an open-source project. iPodLinux exists side-by-side with the original iPod OS, so you can switch between the two whenever required.

With iPod Linux you can run a number of Linux software, games and emulators for various consoles and computers.

Here’s the list of applications that run on iPodLinux

2. How to get external GPS for iPod

What if your iPod Touch had the GPS feature? That’s a pretty handy feature to have, when you are on the go. Well, you can accomplish that using a simple  Bluetooth GPS module along with the roqyGPS app. There are alternative hacks to get GPS on iPod, but this one seems to be the better solution. It uses the larger screen and more functional UI of the iPod Touch. Using roqyGPS will be a better option as it supports a fairly long list of hardware. This will make it easier to pick up a GPS module either on sale or second hand.

3. How to expanded Nano Storage

This almost a common hack now, but if you’re still in dark, here’s how you can increase the capacity of your 4GB iPod Nano to 7.2 GB. The process mighty be dicey, but worth a try. You just need to remove the memory chip from dysfunctional Nano and install it in your working Nano. You can get a broken nano from eBay. Crack it open and remove the memory. Now you need to open up your working nano. Finally, you’ll solder the memory chip from the broken nano to the empty pad in the working one, seal it back up, and perform a factory reset. You’ll now either have one working nano with 7.2 GB of space, or two useless ones.

While the new iPod won’t turn into a 60GB iPod video, still you have enough to do with an iPod with doubled-up capacity. For more details you refer to Multiarcade.

4. How to make ebooks for iPod

Are you an avoid reader who loves ebook? There’s no reason why your iPod can’t do a Kindle. Here’s how you can create a quick, free, cross-platform iPod ebook.

Just go to the ebook creator site and cut paste the text from the Etech schedule and save it as Etech.txt. Now follow the steps

Step 1: Choose the .txt file on the site, name it and upload
Step 2: Download the zip file the ipod-ebook-creator made
Step 3: Unzip the file and move the entire folder to the notes section of your iPod.
Note: In case, you are unable to access your iPod to add the files to the iPod, just enable the disk mode. Go to iTunes - Edit > Preferences iPod Tab > General > Select Enable disk use.
Step 4: Unplug your iPod from your computer go to Extras > Notes and open the first file. At the end of the file there’s a link that will go to the next file automatically.

5.  How to monitor the folders and automatically convert videos with iPodifier

In case you are a frequent downloader or you use DVR, iPodifier can be used to monitor a folder for new videos. This is a unique iPod transcoding tool. iPodifier works for Windows only. It’s a freeware that monitors user-defined folders for videos and automatically transcodes them to an iPod-compatible format, adds them to iTunes, and then syncs them with your iPod. Since iPodifier can monitor any folder for new video, this implies you can keep keep a track of your bittorrent directory, your DVR TV shows, etc.

6. iPod to TV at cheap rate

What’s the easiest way you can watch your iPod videos on TV? Of course, you’d bet for the iPod AV cable. But, as you all know the cable costs more than $20. Other cables are not compatible with iPods with color displays. However, you might get off with a simple hack. What it requires is a standard mini-jack for three-plug RCA cable. These mini-jacks are considerably cheaper than the AV cable. Set your iPod plug in the cable via the mini-jack to output to TV. Now connect it to your TV using a non-standard set up. iPod outputs the video via the red cable. So you need to plug the red cable into the video(yellow) plug on your TV, yellow cable into white plug and white cable into the red plug.

7. How to increase iPod battery life

Voila! This one’s a really interesting software. Apple offers a iPod Updater software that could extend the life of your iPod battery. You can get an update of the iPod software from Apple and restore the software on iPod. However, what you need to consider is once you go for the restore option all your iPod music will be deleted and your iPod settings will be set to the factory default.

8. How to SSH iPod Touch

For any hacker SSH’ing is always a skill to play with. It helps in getting apps work create custom background and icon images and copy content directly from iPod. Here’s how to SSH iPod Touch

To begin with you’ll need to jailbreak your iPod. You must work in WiFi to ensure that this hack works

Now follow the steps below

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on general> auto-lock> never
Step 2: Install OpenSSH on your iPod

Step 3: In installer, go to install, all packages, OpenSSH

Step 4: Download and install WinSCP

Step 5: Restart your computer and Run WinSCP

Step 6: Enter all the relevant information

  • To get your host name, turn on your iPod. Go to settings> WiFi.
  • On your selected network, click the blue arrow on the right
  • The IP Address is your host name, type it in the box in WinSCP
  • Username is root
  • Password is alpine
  • Click Login
  • Click Yes when prompted
  • Now you are now inside your iPod

Just need you remind you that it might bug a lot

9. How to unleash your iPod’s maximum volume

We got an exclusive hack for those who love to listen loud …lol. The maximum your iPod offers is 100 decibels. Well, you can up the volume limit of your iPod with a free utility called GoPad . With GoPad you can increase volume of your iPod to 115 decibels.

Using a free utility called GoPod, you can take off the upper volume limit of the iPod, allowing most units to go from a maximum of 100 decibels to 115.

10. Hack to Transform Your iPod 5G into an iPod Touch

This iPod firmware hack by hackers l3lack J4ck, The Revival and djdut2000 claimed to transform your iPod 5G into iPod Touch. The modified firmware might imitate the iPod Touch interface in iPod 5G, but there are no touch features to avail. However, even without the touchy action, you can have some real fun. With some bugs to encounter, it’s seems pretty cool. Still it’s a non-Apple modification and might cost you the iPod.

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