5 Best free Word Processors for Windows 7

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

windows74There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Word is the ace when it comes to word processor for Windows 7. Well, most of your must have already burned a hole in your pocket after buying the OS.  Microsoft’s Office Suite might seem to overflow your budget. Especially, the small business could find it difficult to afford Microsoft word. For those not using WIndows 7 might have a pick at our article on top 10 word processors. Why not look for the free Windows 7 word processors. The major concern while looking for Windows 7 word processors is compatibility. We found that only a few free word processing software cleared the Windows 7 Compatibility test. After an extensive research we sorted out best five free word processors for Windows 7.

1. OpenOffice.org Writer

This is one of the most widely used open source application. Open Office is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite. It’s a Sun Microsystems that is considered best among free Word processing options. The word processor can read and save documents in a number of formats, that include OASIS Open Document Format 1.1 (its default format), Microsoft Word’s DOC, DOCX, RTF and XHTML. Writer is equipped with a number of features that MS Word lacks. Like for instance, it can export to the PDF format natively. it offers a word completion mechanism for predictive writing, that is not available with Microsoft Word. Some of its utilities include autocorrect, autocomplete, style formatting, text frames and linking, tables of content, indexing, biographical references, illustrations and tables. OpenOffice comes with a spell checker. One of the major flaws with the word processor is that it lacks a grammar checker.


2. Abiword

It’s an open source word processor with excellent features that comes free. What makes it a favorite with many, is its quick learning curve. Abiword features an interface almost similar to MS Word and Wordperfect. The word processor features basic character formatting, paragraph alignment, a spell checker, interactive rulers and tabs, styles, unlimited undo/redo, find and replace, and image support. The word processor offers the ability to cut and paste, and highlight. In addition, it features a common formatting tools. The spell check option extends to several languages. For this you need to choose the right foreign language dictionaries during installation. You can easily open and save Microsoft Word documents through the program. You can download a variety of other formats. Abiword version 2 is compatible for Windows 7.

The only drawback with the software lacks grammar check utility.


3. Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony is a free downloadable Office suite from IBM. This is IBM’s new project after Lotus SmartSuite that emerged as an alternative to Microsoft Office.  Lotus Symphony’s word processor is easy to use interface for word processing. It offers some smart features that includes auto-completion of words while typing, and it carries out spelling checks on the fly. The default format is ODT, but the word processor is compatible with all major word processing formats.

It’s not smooth with the bullet points and advanced formatting while parsing some test Word documents. However, unlike MSWord it doesn’t automatically correct errors. Lotus Symphony is only supported by the 32-bit Windows 7.


4. Google docs

If you are comfortable with online word processor you can use the Google docs. Its an easy-to-use online word processor that allows you greater control over accessing and editing documents. Google Docs allows group work and peer editing, and that it helps. Moreover, the we based word processor enables multiple revisions helping to create flawless document.


5. NJStar Chinese Word Processor

It’s essentially a Chinese word processor that you can run on Windows 7. The Word Processor reads, writes, edits and print Chinese text on normal English or western Windows. It  suitable for users of all language levels. It also includes a Chinese-English bi-directional dictionary to help out the users. It offers a full Windows WYSIWYG editing with multiple document interface. You can type and edit Chinese as well as English on the same line. The word processor is a great tool for those learning Chinese.



September 13, 2010: 11:34 am

This page is a rip off. The number one “Open Office.org” Writer cost $12.97 YEAR MEMBERSHIP FEE.



July 11, 2010: 12:47 pm

After having my Dell computer crash last week I was forced to get a new computer. Nobody likes change especially when it comes to having to figure out a new software or computer. I went with the Open Office simply for the cost reasons. It works great. Maybe learning new computer stuff isn’t so bad after all.
Great Post. Thank you,
Daniel Petrucelli

Martin Cox
January 26, 2010: 5:05 am

I need a word processor that is programmed to print single labels: the MS processor trial on my new Toshiba does not.
I have tried Abi, with generallly good results, but it has no label link.
Can you suggest a processor to fill my needs, please?

November 21, 2009: 3:58 am



BeBob Esq
November 12, 2009: 6:01 am

I personally tend to favour SSuite Office’s free office suites. Their software also don’t need to run on Java or .NET, like so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small and efficient.

Perfect for Windows 7.

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