BlackBerry Outage December 22: Data, Email & Web Browsing Affected

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New York (Gaea News) - BlackBerry outage on December 22: BlackBerry outage has struck again in North America again with the services down for several hours! Barely a week back, there was another BlackBerry outage. In spite of recession BlackBerry posted record 3Q profit of 59% as it sold a record 10 million phones. However such frequent outages will definitely dent customer confidence in the otherwise excellent product and service.

We received several queries from our readers as to why their BlackBerry Messenger as well as web browsing was not working. Any service that requires internet access was affected. It’s about 5 hours now and the BlackBerry outage hasn’t yet reolved. We will keep you updated. I am expecting a statement from BlackBerry soon.

We have started receiving reports that service is being restored for some customers, so hopefully it will resolve soon.

July 27, 2010: 10:35 am

I think iPhone will takeover the market share of blackberry in next 3 years if blackberry didn’t improve the quality of the services.

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