Brief Summary of JavaOne 2008 KeyNote Technologies

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The keynote was centered around JavaFX, Sun’s solution for creating rich interactive internet applications with immersive user interface. Sun’s value proposition is ubiquitousness of JavaFX on mobile platform and internet enabled devices.

Maybe I am lacking the big vision but I am missing one key element in this picture. Why develop in JavaFX scripts when you can create rich user interface already in Javascript (with AJAX) + any server side language?

In any case it is an extremely cool technology which was well demonstrated with the multiple simultaneous HD video rendering example. I only concern will be Sun’s ability to convert people away from existing solutions.

Project Hydrazine
Project Hydrazine (or Project Destination, make up your mind already!) is a “end-to-end platform architecture that enables connectivity and orchestration of multiple services provided by operators and third parties in order to deliver personalized and contextually-based services. Project Destination with Java technology enables developers to rapidly create new services for all the multiple Java-enabled devices already prevalent in the market.”

Context sensitive advertisement
Sun talked about Web advertisement / monetization with interactive 2-way advertisements. JavaFX will have user interaction data for such purposes.

Java 6 Update 10
Among others Sun reports strong performance improvements in the latest update

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