Four Very Useful iPhone Apps

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 2, 2010

iphone-apps The following are some of the best applications available for iPhone users in accordance with their usefulness.

  • ATM Hunter: You can Find ATMs located around the world with your iPhone GPS by entering an address or an airport location from wherever you happen to be. This Free app can show you and your iPhone to any of more than one million ATMs worldwide. The app automatically determines your location and lists nearby machines. It’s integrated with Google maps so you can also map the location.
  • Redlaser: This app is the iPhone barcode scanner. It scans an item, and gets access to a bunch of online prices and information. It also scans movies at the store and signal them to your Digital Video Recorder. Additionally, a book can be scanned  and checked for online reviews. Scan a food item and add it to your grocery list.
    The cost is $1.99.
  • Using this Free apps, 40 million iPhone users can have one-touch mobile access to 4 million properties nationwide. The users can browse the largest collection of properties available for sale throughout the nation and offers many features that will make the home-buying process easier and more accessible to buyers on the run.
  • iXpenselt: This apps makes daily expense tracking easier. It has the ability to track business, personal, categories, and subcategories. Using iXpenselt, you can now record your expenses anywhere and anytime within seconds. You can also store your photo receipt. Customize your personal and business expenses with reports that is easy to understand.
    The cost is $4.99 for full version.
April 3, 2010: 1:24 am

This is very updating thing that you can connected with millions of ATMs that kind of technology is really serving people.

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