How to Undo a Mail that is Sent? - ‘Undo Send’ in Gmail

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 20, 2009

Now you can undo the mail you have sent to a friend. Thanks to Gmail. I am sure there have been numerous times when you sent a mail to someone and realized that you had forgot to say something, said something that wasn’t appropriate and you will go to any extent to revert it back. But alas there was none to help you. But this Gmail app does.


  • Go to Settings -> Labs in your Gmail inbox.
  • Scroll down to find out Undo send option.
  • Enable it and save settings.
  • Now send a mail and after you have sent it you will get an UNDO option just where the picture above suggests. Click and it won’t leave your outbox ever.
    [Note: You need to be really quick to press that UNDO button. Coz its gonna stay only for 4-5 secs and unless you press it by then, its gone.]


Anyway, its just a prelim app. I think a mailing option with timer (So that I can send it whenever and schedule accordingly) will do good. Again, that undo option at least stay long enough for us to recollect what went wrong and then press it. Its almost like we need a reflex action for our thoughts too! Well, they say, anything is better than nothing. I will rest with that, for now.

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