Develop an iPad Application: Grab a Job

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 1, 2010

apple-logo1 Although, increase of Tech spending has a major contribution for 5.7 % jump in Gross Domestic Product in USA, the IT hiring did not increase significantly. As per the recent survey by IEEE-USA, while the unemployment rate for software engineers dropped slightly from 4.7% to 4.1%, the total pool of employed software engineers went down from 970,000 to 952,000, nearly a 2% drop. Patrick Thibodeauof Computer world thinks that those people might have left job and are building application for iPad, iPhone or iTouch. That’s why they are not counted by Govt. Statistics.

As per the recent report from Gigaom, apple economy generated $250 million revenues in the month of December and 70% of it goes to the developers. The rise of GDP growth indicates more hardware buying because most of the hardware stays in USA. The improvement of tech spending is also strongly felt at overseas countries like India because IT firms started hiring again because of the recent trend of upturn of US economy.

Consider the case of Computer Service Inc. They are planning to expand overseas to cut down the delivery cost within US. On June, 2008, ACS had 65,000 employees, which includes 45,000 domestic employees. By June 30 last year, ACS had 74,000 employees, that includes 42,000 domestic employees, for a decline of 3,000 workers.

The iPad is not only a device but it is also platform for economic development. It’s  accessible to a lot of independent people to create new value and that’s the real beauty of Apple’s product. The only reason why the iPad matters at all is for its ability to expand the Apps market.

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