Lawson HRM Software Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

<b>erp</b>-software-from-lawsonThe prime consideration while implementing an HRM software should be to assess how it can help each employee in contributing towards company’s highest level strategic objectives. It requires a comprehensive HRM system to extract the highest possible value from the workforce. This brought us to consider the Lawson HRM software from our list of Top 10 HRM software. The Lawson Human Resource Management suite holds a strategic approach towards the role of HR to transform it into a strategic business partner. The software is consistently manages the optimization of human capital, hiring of the most qualified candidates, as well as retaining the best and brightest employees. Lawson HRM automates and integrates the routine HRM activities.  Let’s delve into it’s features to know more.

Key Features


The Lawson HRM solution features several modules that can be broadly categorized under three categories human resource management, talent management and workforce management.

1. Human resource Management


This is a rules-based set up, versatile enough to support a variety of methods for managing benefits as well as automating compensation and deductions. Payroll supports multiple time entry system. Lawson self service enables Web based time entry and electronic check deposit as well as traditional pen-and-paper entry.   it offers printing and distribution of checks.

In addition, the payroll features also includes management of time-sensitive information like time entry check or receipt printing, quarterly filings, off-cycle payments, and withholding forms. The payroll is integrated with other features.

Absence Management

This tool saves the HR effort and time by setting up and maintaining a single time off plan for all types of employees. There are group-specific rules that govern the accruals.

Personnel Administration

This includes managing the employee information, promotions, transfers and and terminations. It also streamlines the employee update and tracking of employee/personnel training and development initiatives.

Resource navigator

This is a communication and service features of the Employee Self-Service application that allows the employees to manage personal information. It is similar to a personal HR assistant available throughout 24/7 from work or home. It also provides on-demand, personalized HR communications that support the entire employee.


E-recruiting assists in accessing and hiring candidates with an fast, intuitive and online e-recruiting process. The closed loop e-recruiting allows automated scoring and relationship management with the recruiters and HR managers. It also generates automated letter or e-mail notifications informing about the candidates about the status of their application.

2. Talent Management

Performance Management

The software simplifies the process of HR healthcare meeting it with unique needs of The Joint Commission Human Resources (JCAHO). It automates the manual performance management processes focusing on employee healthcare and safety. It can be an utile tool for healthcare organizations who may face unannounced audits.

Talentview of Performance

The talent acquisition module helps to manage the performance management needs of the organization. It assists in identifying the high performers and engaging them in more cost-effective manner.  It links to networking tools, jobs boards, searches and agencies.

One of its important features is handling requisition management that creates, approves, and manages job details. It offers visual presentation of recruitment activity status and costs. Talentview of performance gives an insight into the workforce, detailing its strengths and opportunities at various levels of work. Further, it correlates performance data with enterprise data.

3. Workforce Management

Scheduling and Staffing

The Lawson Management suite automates the staffing and scheduling tasks. It helps the customers to maintain proper staffing levels with appropriate skills and credential mix. The

Where it scores high

  • The Strategic Human Capital Management System offers transformational tools that helps to integrate the human capital, strategy and execution. It provides a insight into the workforce
  • The e-recruiting facility offers a single point of entry for all employee data from candidate to retiree.
  • Advanced solutions to deliver important information. The executives, managers and employees could be automatically notified via voicemail,  email, Web portal, cell phone or PDA, in case of a specific events.
  • Filtered, relevant data along with links enable instant collaboration and action.


Lawson HRM is a strategy based software that holds extensive features for management of employees at all levels in the business. We would admire if you have some thoughts to share on the software.


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