Attend HRM software Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 27, 2009

attendWe had an across the board experience of Human Resource Management software while reviewing the top-notch HRM Software included in our top 10 HRM software. Moving on further with our quest on HRM software we picked one of the startups in out list of top 10 HRM software, the Attend HRM. It is a futuristic HRM solution designed for SME’s. Currently, the software offers Time Attendance, Leave management, Payroll & HRM Solutions. It is time tested framework that can work with any Access Control system.  The HRM software is modular and flexible, enabling single as well as multi user client server operations (accessible across LAN/WAN).

Attend HRM integrates several technologies seamlessly. This application begins with the Time Attendance solution and is followed by Generic payroll solution. It is basically a client/server technology that can be accessed across LAN/WAN. This software offers flexibility with support for multiple databases like SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and more. Further, the software allows new modules to be added to the dynamically. The software can be extended with several HR modules to meet the all-round HRM requirements. The software is several features to HRM requirement. The software also features easy data integration for data migration.
After this overview, I woud like to highlight some of the most important features  of Attend HRM


It’s a simple and user-friendly interface. The GUI screen resembles that of Outlook and allow the user to define the shift patterns.


The software allows customizable reports that come with save, print, e-mail options in all reports. It features optional web module and web reports. The statutory reports include PF, ESI, and others.  These are web enabled reports that can accessed from any remote location. It is compatible with any Attendance Device (HID, Virdi, IR, e-focus, Bioscrypt and more).

Attendance Management

Attend HRM provides support for Multiple Attendance Devices (Biometric, RFID, and more). It can be set to work with any time attendance hardware device.

Leave Management

There user can  define the leave types and entitlements. It keeps a track of the employees leave status and shift details. It can access the restrictions that are managed.


The software is high on security as its access is restricted by dongle. Each installation is provided with dongle. The software can only be activated with dongle authentication. The access restrictions are managed according to the advanced duty planning defined in the software.

For better management of software and security devices user creation and grouping provisions are available. In module level the administrator can set the access rights to the users. Having said that, it’s important to add that the administrator can only offer access rights to read/write any module. Further, he may also deny total access to the modules.

For extended security, this HRM software features an integrated security solution including facilities such as CCTV, fire alarm and more.



One of the most prominent features of the Attend software is the advanced roster settings

It offers improved security in your office

The software offers enough customization options

Further a review from softpedia on Attend HRM reveals that the application

  • Reduce workforce management costs
  • Reduce your payroll costs
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Improve security in your office
  • Open to customizations


  • The software has no support for free version
  • The data has to be backed up manually to any attached device of the server.


Attend HRM is a growing HRM application including standard HRM features.  Although not comprehensive the software has accomplished features that connotes it’s high on prospects. In case you have some views to share about Attend HRM, leave your comments.

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i have your software .

September 7, 2009: 4:28 am

Attend HRM 2.3.4 has been released with new features.

Grab your free copy from

Updates are available for download at

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I must learn this..
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