Best HRM software Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 18, 2009

HRMIn the last few years there has been an increasing demand for HRM software. Most of the companies are striving for a feasible solution to manage their human assets. The HRM software solutions offers the key to handle a wide range of HR and Corporate objectives by  streamlining HR processes. HRM software can manage HR issues ranging from basic HR needs in small companies to intricate requirements in larger organizations. Talent management is one of the top priorities of HRM. The HRM software has redefined the ambit of talent management providing effective ways to attract and retain talent.

There are several HRM software solutions in the market, each of them with different potentials and features. We had provided the list of top 10 HRM software and reviewed a some of the top ones to make your selection easier. Now we bring an overview of the top 5 HRM software reviewed in our blog.

1. OrangeHRM

It is a free open source HRM solution designed for Small and Medium sized Enterprise(SME). The HRM system automates HR processes. It is developed with PHP, MySQL and Apache HTTP Server. The software is compatible for both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system.

OrangeHRM includes administrative module, recruitment module, personal information manager module, employee self-service module, reports module, time and attendance Module, leave module and benefit module. The HRM software automates the administrative tasks that are usually controlled by the HR Managers. It automates the recruitment process by listing out the job vacancies, adding pay grade, adding employment status, selecting hiring managers for the job vacancies. OrangeHRM also generates customized reports including a ange of search criteria and report fields.

OrangeHRM offers easy collaboration and transparency to enable better communication. The key advantage is collaboration with user community.


2. Lawson HRM

<b>erp</b>-software-from-lawsonThis HRM software takes a strategic approach towards HR policies of a business. The software is designed to automate and integrate routine HRM activities. The HRM assists in managing the optimization of human capital to achieve the business objectives of a company.

The key functionality of the software can be divided into three categories - human resource management, talent management and workforce management. Strategic Human Capital Management System offers transformational tools that helps to integrate the human capital, strategy and execution.

The human resource management system automates the management of payroll. Further it also offers absence management, personal management and resource navigator. The e-Recruiting feature streamlines the assessment and hiring of the candidates with a fast, intuitive and online recruiting process. The HRM software also simplifies talent management focusing on automating HR healthcare monitoring. It provides tool for healthcare organizations which may face unannounced audits.

One of the outstanding features of workforce management. Lawson HRM suite automates the entire process of staffing and scheduling tasks.


3. Spectrum Human Resource Systems

hr-software1It is Human Resource Management System that integrates web based HRIS combining HR data, talent management, manager self-service, applicant tracking, succession planning, compensation administration, all-round performance reviews and more. Spectrum features iVantage 5.0 that is a powerful, flexible and customizable web based HRM solution. The core functions of iVantage includes bsence tracking, performance management, applicant tracking, self-service, benefits administration, succession planing, time and attendance tracking, training and development, and advanced reporting.

iVantage includes Basic HR information, Absence & Time Tracking, Administration of Benefits, Applicants Tracking, Timesheets, Position Control and Budgeting, Performance Management, Salary Survey, Succession Planning and reporting.

In it’s basic HRM function iVantage keeps track of the entire employee data of the organization. It offers the self-service feature that enables the managers as well as employees to manage their information, increasing efficiency and productivity in turn.The data is categorized accordingly for better access and management of employee records. The software assists in recruitment management by streamlining the requisition process. iVantage also includes timesheets for hourly tracking of employees. It provides a complete framework for staff planing, human resoucrce development and budgetary controls.

One of the key features of Spectrum’s iVantage HRM software is reporting.  The software has some top notch reporting tools that allows natural language query, metric-style reports and OLAP analysis.


4. UltiPro HRM software

ultiproThis HRM solution is designed for mid-sized enterprises. The software is a client/server HRMS working on a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and Windows NT 4.0 platform. It is a leading HRM software solution in strateic HR, payroll, and talent management. UltiPro features a Web portal that serves as the company’s communication hub and the center for various business activities.

The most prominent feature of UltiPro is the fast and featured-rich payroll system. The software simplifies the staffing and recruitment process by recognizing the hiring needs and helping in screening the talents.It streamlines the budgeting and salary planning. The HRM software also offers advanced employee appraisals based on employee performance.

UltiPro offers high security by supporting Social Security Administration and HIPAA confidentiality legislation. This ensures protection of sensitive HR data.  It offers a highly optimized tax management system.


5.  Attend HRM

attendThis is a futuristic HRM solution designed for Small and Medium Enterprises. The software offers time attendance, leave management, payroll and HRM solution. It offers a tested framework that works with an Access control system. The application begins Time Attendance solution and it is associated with a Generic payroll solution. It is a client/server technology that can be accessible through LAN/WAN.

The software offers support for multiple databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and more. Moreover, Attend HRM offers facilities for adding modules dynamically.

The key features of Atten HRM includes reports, attendance management, leave management and security. The software allows customizable reports that come with save, print, e-mail options in all reports. There are optional web module and web reports for users.
The HRM solution supports Multiple Attendance Devices like Biometric, RFID, and more. The leave module includes leave types and entitlements.

Security is high on security with access being restricted through use of dongle. The software and security devices are enhanced through grouping provisions.


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