Next-Gen iPhone icon features Rumored!

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ars technica's chaff on new icons

Rumors over the arrival of next generation of iPhone 3G never seems to end.  In a recent finding, a developer revealed that the most recent beta of the iPhone SDK includes icons for an iPhone model labelled as iPhone 2.1. Generally, the icons are displayed in the settings section of the iTunes when any iPhone is connected. The model ID is anticipated to be the next generation of hardware Apple plans to unveil in summer.

Earlier this year, there were references to iPhone 2.1 in iPhone firmware. The first iPhone was known as iPhone1,1 and the iPhone 3G is known as iPhone 1.2, which are the betas of iPhone OS 3.0. It also has reference to several other iPhone and iPod touch models. Further, some mysterious names like iFPGA and iProd devices were also rumored. Clearly, the latest SDK beta doesn’t seem to contain icons for any of these models.

The icons that are highlighted here come in black and white, like those with the current iPhone 3G hardware. Although the icons are small-sized, but it doesn’t appear to differ much from the iPhone 3G. Going by the speculation the new hardware is expected to be the clone of current models. The icons can be merely placeholders trying to keep secret intact.

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