Pro Tools 9 From Avid Available

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 5, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( The recording artists and audiophiles who want the very best in audio editing and recording applications swear by the applications of Avid. They may be elated to know that the company has come up with a professional and feature packed audio authoring tool for the users. The Pro Tools 9 is the latest and flagship audio editing tool from its stable which is cross platform, highly versatile and intuitive. The new software is easy to learn and master and its level of customization is quite high. This is a boon for the users who do not want to opt for an upgrade of their systems. It is possible to use the application with third party software. Apart from that the applications does not require any specific hardware and can work on a software only mode.

It works seamlessly in a PC and Mac. The software avid Pro Tools 9 enables music artists to make complex and high quality audio track mixes fast. It supports the popular and widely used sound formats and hence there will be hardly any need for format conversion when one uses the application. This not only makes working easier between setups having different hardware spec but also cuts down production time. There is a time code ruler in built which comes in handy for audio and video syncing. The caveat is that it works in software mode only. The software has got great reviews from the industry veterans.

The Avid Pro Tools 9 also comes in a HD version. The price of all the versions will be announced shortly by the company.

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