San Francisco

Google Corporate Logo Turns Colorful!
SAN FRANCISCO ( Today the Google users have been delighted to see that the homepage of the Internet search giants looks different thanks to a new colorful logo.
Skype On A High
SAN FRANCISCO ( Skype the popular Internet telephony service provider is hogging the limelight for several reasons.
Skype Down With Snag, Later Restored
SAN FRANCISCO ( Popular Internet telephony service provider Skype was down yesterday for as several hours and the outage affected several million users of the service all over the world.
Facebook Outage Issue Resolved
SAN FRANCISCO ( Facebook the popular social networking website that has more than 550 million users worldwide is hogging headlines today and appearing in web searches.
Google eBooks Makes Waves
SAN FRANCISCO ( The famous web giant Google has launched its new application Google eBooks.
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