Proposed Features For Angsuman’s Translator Pro Version 4.0

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We are in the final stages of testing Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro Version 3.1 for WordPress blogs. The next major release will be 4.0. Version 4.0 will add several much requested features in the Translator plugin. The major features are:

1. Support for non-English blogs including languages like French, German or even Arabian. Currently Translator translates your blog in multiple languages, so long the blog is originally in English.

2. Support for additional translation engine(s). Currently two translation engines are supported. This will offer more choice and ability to tune the translation of your blog for the best results.

3. Automatic failover support. Sometimes translation engines fail, randomly or over particular pages. In such cases we plan to automatically switch to another translation engine, capable of providing the translation. When your chosen translation engine fails then we automatically select another engine which is able to provide such translation. The failover support may span multiple translation engines.

4. Support for manually translated pages. We plan to allow people to translate certain pages manually. If translated version are found then they are used instead of automatic machine translation we provide. Note: This may even move to version 5, unless there is a strong demand.

5. Provide support for fopen as an alternative to curl. When curl is not available, fopen will be used. At least one of them needs to be enabled.

6. Allow marking sections to be invisible in specific foreign languages. We will provide a WYSIWYG button and quicktag (for text mode) to make certain content invisible in specific foreign languages. We already provide such capability to prevent certain content from being translated. This features will allow you to say mark your comments section invisible to foreign users.

7. Integrated support for image libraries. Samples will include old big images and famfamfam flags. This will allow you to easily replace the existing images with your own set of image set we may offer from time to time.

We also plan to move the translator options to Option menu as some users have requested.

Please let me know if you would like any other features for version 4.0.

I am happy to say we could move at such rapid pace because of the tremendous support and patronage from WordPress bloggers. Our ambitious goal is to enable high quality automatic machine translation for all WordPress blogs worldwide.

PS. We also plan to release a version for MovableType.

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