Time Spent on Social Networking in U.S. increases by 83 Percent; Facebook Leads, top 10 sites’ list revealed

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2009

socialnetworkSocial networking is getting hotter and hotter in US. Ultimately its bulging into a war of social sites, where each site is looking to hook their visitor for maximum hours. In turn of events, Facebook has beaten MySpace to assume the top ranks of social networking world. A research conducted by Nielsen Online figures out the data for a reality check. The data reveals that the amount of time people in US spend on social networking sites have increased by 83 percent over the past year.

If you are craving to know  on the amount of time users spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms go through the the interesting stats and don’t miss the top 10.

Facebook tops the list

Nielsen Online’s data reads that the time spent on Facebook has increased 700% from last year. Users in the United States collectively spent 13.9 billion minutes on Facebook in April 2009.

MySpace numero uno in online video

There is a declining trend in MySpace usage over the year. Nielsen Online’s statistics shows the drop-off  suffered by the former topper of social network platforms. The figures show social networking users spent 5 billion minutes on MySpace in April that is a 31 percent decline from the previous year.

Interestingly, MySpace is sill the top social networking site for online video leaving behind, Facebook, Stickam and other online video sites, which are also social networking platforms, by a greater margin. The time spent by video watchers in MySpace was 384 million in April, 2009 far ahead of Facebook video watchers 113.5 million.

Twitter is on song

Twitter remains on the 5th spot in social networking platform in terms of the overall minutes spent by users on the site. What’s more the microblogging site is thriving with popularity, having rocketed to 300 million overall minutes in the U.S. in April. That is a whooping 3712 percent increase from numbers in April last year.

Other Growing Social Networking site

Following Facebook with a 31 percent drop, the only major social networking platform to decline in overall minutes spent from last year is Gaia Online. Other social networking sites like LiveJournal, Tagged.com, MyYearbook and SlashKey all recorded some degree of growth. Tagged.com posted a 998 percent growth and LiveJournal 273 percent from April 2008.

Top 10 social networking websites in the US for the month of April 2009

The top ten social networking websites in the US for the month of April are

  1. Facebook (12 872 640 minutes)
  2. MySpace (4 974 919 000 minutes)
  3. Google’s Blogger (582 683 000 minutes)
  4. Tagged.com (327 871 000 minutes)
  5. Twitter.com (299 836 000 minutes)
  6. My YearBook (268 565 000 minutes)
  7. Live Journal (204 121 000 minutes)
  8. LinkedIn (202 407 000 minutes
  9. SlashKey (187 687 000 minutes)
  10. Gaia Online (143 909 000 minutes)
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October 17, 2009: 4:55 am

The figures for Facebook are wrong by a factor of 1000

June 5, 2009: 2:02 am

I only signed-up for three out of the 10 sites included. T_T But I’m happy to see that Gaia Online has grown! Hurrah for Gaians! :)

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