WASHINGTON - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was Wednesday named Time magazine's "2010 Person of the Year" "for connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them" by starting the world's largest social-networking site in 2004.
Top 10 Best Most Popular Open-Source Social Networking Software
Social Networking is what's really hot and happening and why shouldn't it be? You can interact, manage and be in touch with all your contacts at one single place that also sitting on your couch having your cup of coffee with a cookie may be.
Software to Stop you Posting At Social Media Sites While Drunk
A software was developed to stop you writing email or posting message on social media sites while you are drunk.
Taptivate Develops Friends for iPhone
NEW YORK ( -- Taptivate is developing their latest iPhone or iPad application named "Friends".

MELBOURNE - An 18-year-old Florida teenager thief left his MySpace account logged in the computer of the house he ransacked - resulting in his arrest.
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