Top 10 Windows 7 Themes

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

windows-7Lucky 7 proves to be quite lucky for the Redmond men with Windows 7 selling like hot cakes helping out Microsoft recover from the Visaster (nomenclature to Vista’s failure). What makes it more adorable is the fact that Windows 7 is the first ever operating system from Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user’s feedback in mind.  Now whether you are using Windows 7 RC or looking forward to the final release on 22nd October, you must be hunting for some ravishing themes to embellish your PC. If you’ve already explored the Windows 7 hidden themes and didn’t find them worth a try you have a better options to go choose from. Well you might have come across several alluring Windows 7 theme, but none of them meeting your taste. Instead of going for a wild goose chase you might have a look at our tiring assortment of top 10 Windows 7 theme.

1. Theme for Windows 7 by Arturik1988

One of those rare themes designed for those with an eye for aesthetics.  With an ornamental touch perfectly blend with the dark backdrop the theme is a real mesmerizer.


2. One World Theme Pack

Uniquely designed this Windows 7 theme is one of its kind that changes your Task Pane as well as Welcome Center. As the name suggest the theme revolves around the notion that we are one World. From the city to the World Maps, the wallpapers sideshows moves on to the Earth and Space.


3. Windows 7 Theme for WindowsBlinds

Windows 7 Themes for Windowsblinds. Those of you running Windows XP might be having a copy of Stardock WindowsBlinds. This is a real piece of eye-candy theme for your WindowsBlind.


4. Waterbomb & Windows 7

This theme from deviant art is mind-blowing creation based on water-bomb. It reflects the genuine touch of artistry.


5. Cityscapes

Do you wish sightseeing around the world without spending a dollar? Have sites of the top cites right from US to Japan on your computer with Windows 7.


6. Blossoms & Mt Fuji


Displaying scenic backdrop from Mt Fuji, Japan this is an ideal theme for those in Japan.


7. Butterfly

Vibrant with hues of Nature, this Windows 7 offers a panorama of enticing butterfly.


8. Windows 7 GTAIV Theme

If your are a gaming freak who’d like a Grand Theft Auto theme on their PC. Here’s free Windows 7 gamers theme, just bang on!


9. Logo Wallpaper Themes

Would you like the digital 7 on the Windows 7 logo making a difference your set up. Well, here’s a theme for Windows 7 Logo build around the official logo.


10.  Sunset Gold and Blue

Would you like watch the sunset right on your Desktop, here’s a chance. This Windows 7 Theme shows a marvelous sunset with gold and blue hues.


July 14, 2010: 2:55 pm

windows 7 got better feature then the windows vista and XP. Its more quick and great GUI most the these are awesome.

December 31, 2009: 3:52 pm

Wow love the first theme the most. Found another cool site to download themes at

December 7, 2009: 2:47 pm

Very pretty themes. Thank you! I just started uploading my themes at . You guys should start posting there too, I can’t wait to see this community get really big. I just made an author account and after you activate your e-mail you get a new area on the left that let’s you create content. Thanks again!

August 25, 2009: 4:18 am

Loved these themes.

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