Top 10 WordPress Plugin for Twitter

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 27, 2009

wordpressRecently we had a stint with the top 10 Wordpress Plugins for Social Networking from your Blog. Twitter is fast growing into one of the most popular social networks. Blog publishers look for a social media for publicizing their site to attract traffic. Twitter as a social platform perfectly fits into the shoes. Most of bloggers use WordPress as their blog publishing application and content management system. There’s an increasing demand for integrating Twitter and blogging, this has given rise to a number of WordPress plugins. However, picking the top plugin from the loads of WordPress Plugin is a tough ask. To simplify things for you we selected the top 10 WordPress plugin for Twitter.

1. Tweetmeme retweet button


This WordPress Twitter plugin has been designed for website and blog publishers who want their visitors to tweet their content on Twitter. With Tweetmeme button plugin you can easily integrate the TweetMeme button into your WordPress blog. The plugin embeds the button into your content as well as your feed.


2. Twitter Feed

Any changes in your active Twitter account are displayed by this WordPress plugin. You can easily log on to twitterfeed and use your OpenID to put in the URl for your blog RSS feed.


3. WP to Twitter

This WordPress plugin posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using the URL shortening service. It provides link back to your post from Twitter. The plugin can send default message for updating or editing posts or pages. Further it also allows you to write a custom Tweet for your post.


4. Twitter Widget Pro


This is a sidebar widget designed to manage twitter feeds including @username, #hashtags, and link parsing. It supports displaying profiles images and even allows you to control the display time and date of tweet. It requires PHP5.


5. TweetSuite

This is a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin with impressive features. It is designed for server side TweetBacks. It features a ReTweet-This button for each TweetBack. There’s a digg-like Tweet-This button.¬† Further it features a most-tweeted widget, recently-tweeted widget, my-last tweets widget and my-favorite widget.


6. Twitter Friends

This WordPress plugin displays your Twitter friends/followers in your sidebar in the same way that they appear on Twitter homepage. The plugin contains a shortcode that allows you to display your friends list in a post/page.


7. Twitter for Wordpress

Twitter for WordPress displays your latest tweets in your blog. In case you use WordPress widget just drag the widget into your sidebar and configure. Moreover, it includes various customization options with different CSS classes


8. Twitter IT

Using this WordPress plugin you can tweet an article in your website. Additionally, you can clear the cache and refresh all short urls. It also provides the feature to mark a link as nofollow


9. Twitgets

This Twitter widget displays the Twitter Friends Timeline using Twitter’s flash script.


10. Elegant Twitter Widget

This WordPress plugin for Twitter displays twitter updates in valid semantic XHTML code. It allows full fledged customization with the heavily commented code. The plugin grabs the XML twitter feed and parses it using PHP XML parser.


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