Top 12 Valentine’s Day Gadget Gifts

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 5, 2009

What could make this valentine’s Day so special? I know red rose simply does the trick every year. But why not something else to melt your partner? Celebrate it the 2009 way. Diamonds are women’s best friends, but not exactly their partners’. The ever growing price is something to consider in this recession. So what alternative do you have? May be the sleek and sophisticated gadgets. Let’s now forget the passé and follow the fashion. I have got top 12 of those gadgets. Gift one of these to see the love of your life break into tears of happiness.

1. Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device

Portable gadgets are having a full-blown affair with the voguish attires. So you can bowl over you girl with the ultra-slim Amazon’s Kindle for a perfect reading experience. It’s a portable reading device that allows you to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Moreover the innovative electronic-paper display offers a sharp, high-resolution screen that appears like reading a real paper. For this one you got to pay $359.00

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2. Slingbox Media Transporter

This one is not for laypeople, but a surprise that you sweetie would find hard to believe. This’ll allows her to control the television recording habits from work and watch her favorite TV show on a laptop anywhere in the country. What you can expect to hear from her is that its a simply amazing stuff. It’s affordable at $100 to $250.

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3. Apple’s Rose-Red iPod nano

As I told you Valentine’s day is no more for roses. Do it in a different way? Why not gift a rose-red iPod nano. I found it on most Valentine’s Day top gift lists. When I saw it, things were clear. The nano ipod wears a sleek look with rugged grandeur that can surely bring a cute smile on darlings face. So if music be the food of love, play on.
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4. Vibrating rubber duckie

Fuchsia or red this is what every girl-heart falls for. This cute little creature is a naughty toy that she would love to hang with. I shouldn’t guess so, if she enjoys more of the pinky duckling’s company to forget your date. Well if that’s not an ethereal choice go for an 42-inch plasma TV. Why not?

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5. Umbrella built for Two

This one reminds me of the partridge family chorus - I’ll be your Umbrella Man, shower you with all my love. It’s one of those freakish ideas to pronounce the affair of the hearts under the twosome bumbershoot. Excuse me but its you emotions not wallet that anneals the commitment.

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6. Making an Pulsating LED Love heart

Is your partner a little geekish? If cute little gadgets is what your valentine loves, this is your pick. It’s your chance to test their fervor with the all so romantic PCB, LED flashing heart. I must say it’s a great thought.

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7. Flower Petal Printer

gadgets have replaced them.
No boring roses, it’s your valentine’s day gadget for personalizing your own individual messages on each rose petal. It’s really a gain as you buy it and use every year. More useful if you change partners every year.

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8. Marzipan phone

Same old chocolates for your. No more of them. What if you could devour a Blackberry. Well you gal would surely do. Here’s a marzipan made cellphone with a Blackberry look to celebrate this Valentine’s day. It’s great to have a bite of the uberphone.

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9. Snore Stopper

I don’t recommend, but if you want your partner to keep awake whole night this is the key. You never need to bid good night the valentine’s day. Next morning you know how happy you are.

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10.Tech-y Bling

Again I stick to this for its remarkable idea. A cell phone for a Valentine’s Day gift, not a great idea. But NYC Peach has a voodoo to provide the old wine in a new bottle. Remember Paris Hilton’s crystal studded sidekick, this company was responsible for that much talk about creation. It can bling your gf’s cell phone, iPod, camera with  Swarovski crystals. What a way to transform your daily used stuff to scintillating accessory. That’s worth a $400.

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11. Nintendo Wii

gadgets have replaced them.
So love gaming Super Mario or Zelda. Does she love it too? Then this might be the best way to spend some time together. You never know how time flows kidding away to glory. It’s all about funny moments between the game when you see her laugh like the happiest women on earth.

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12. Cell Phone Spy Elite

So you are suspecting your Valentine of having another hidden affair. Before things go worse you get to the bottom of the fuss. Gift her with a Cell Phone Spy Elite. Find out who she is talking to and texting. If things are according to your apprehension you can save on the next V-day gift.

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I really liked this post. The umbrella for two is totally romantic, very nice :)
I’ve seen the “build an LED heart” is popular with the tech-savvy crowd this year. For those of us who don’t know how to take a computer apart and put it back together, Daily Steals will be giving away LED heart pins this Monday 2/9/09. The magnetic LED heart pins will be totally free - free USA shipping and handling included. Of course if you’ve got an extra $400 to spend, I totally recommend accessorizing with Swarovski crystals!

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