Top 5 Features of Microsoft Windows 7

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have read and read through Gizmodo & Lifehacker’s enthusiastic posts to find out what’s so great about Windows 7. It appears we were mostly right about the features of Windows 7. There were few proposed features that I haven’t been able to confirm yet. So far, and I am pained to admit this, I am underwhelmed. The top 5 features of Windows 7 (in no particular order) are:

  • User account control is less painful. So Windows 7 has finally undone the great pain inflicted upon Vista users by Microsoft by its dumb user account control, a lame excuse for security.
  • You can configure Wi-Fi with fewer clicks. Frankly I am underwhelmed, again.
  • “The new Libraries feature aggregates similar content through a single virtual library. So, for example, if you have music scattered all across your hard drive, a Music library folder still provides a single point of access to all of that music. You even have total control over what folders are included in the library.” said LifeHacker. This is the only feature that looked interesting to me.
  • “Windows boss Steve Sinofsky confirmed that it could run on systems with just 1GB of RAM.” Compare this with the fact that most Linux distributions will work fine with just 256 MB of RAM. Out server managing about 15 computers with dozens of services runs Fedora Core 6 with only 512 MB RAM. However I guess in Windows Vista world, running fine with 1 GB RAM is good news.
  • It appears more “stable” and “faster” according to highly “unscientific tests” done by Gizmodo.

I couldn’t get any more interesting features out of Windows 7. Like their name, the product lacks innovation. The take home impression is that Windows 7, as Steve Ballmer hinted, is just a fixed version of Microsoft Vista; only Microsoft most likely intends to make serious money from it by allowing Vista users to “upgrade” to Windows 7. The burning question is - is it too little and too late? What do you think?

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