Top 8 Newsletter Services

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

newsletter1Newsletters are one of the most powerful marketing tools  available today. Creating a mailing list and distributing newsletter services on the web helps you to establish a loyal following and to keep in constant contact with your prospects. Some of the services are supported by advertisements either within themselves or on the sign-up pages. For those sending newsletter regularly, it would be worth upgrading your account and paying for professional services. This would ensure your emails are delivered efficiently. There are also free mailing list services that are ideal for getting your newsletter off the ground. We sorted out the 8 best newsletter services that could suffice your job.

1. Feedburner


This is one of the most popular email newsletter service. If you have a constant changing products or news releases, you might want to notify your customers. Try to checkout the Feedburner Email. It allows you to compare the difference between people subscribing to a feed versus a newsletter. The subscriber who wants to read the syndicated content has to subscribe to the feed. Feedburner makes it easy for the non-tech-savvy subscribers by providing information in the their inbox without any additional software.


2. Feed Blitz


This free email newsletter service automatically creates newsletters from your blog. For more you can send newsflash, or build your own content with the editor. Feedblitz offers activity tracking, segment your mailings, generate RSS & web archives, report in real-time and more. All at no extra cost.


3. List Power


This is an ever-growing free service for creating and managing your own e-mail newsletter. Newsletters form part of most Web site communities nowadays. If you haven’t got one yet, you really should consider it. has all the tools necessary to generate a successful mailing list and is hosted remotely, ideal for inexperienced Web site owners. They provide code for a subscription box.


4.  FanBlast Basic


This an absolutely free mailing list the allows you to quickly offer rich content newsletter system for your Website. It keeps your site safe visitors informed and ready to visit again.  FanBlast offers full online account administration, multiple address book, HTML content, template storage, subscriber management and double opt-in option. However, this free service is advert supported and limits membership to 100 subscribers.


5. Bravenet


There are several other services (counters, guestbooks, pools, etc) There’s an great free mailing list at Bravenet. The service offer a number of useful features, most prominently the double opt-in member processing. The users are provided with pre-built HTML newsletter templates and a mailing list subscription box to place on your site. If new members subscribe to your mailing list. The service would be supported by adverts on subscription page. Given that, there are no ads within the sent newsletters. When new members subscribe to the subscription list.


6. Zinester


This is a free news letter service for Bloggers and WordPress blogs. Zinester offers a combination of full featured mailing list service and human moderated ezine directory listing the best ezines that are distributed via the service. This is a web based application that allows the publishers to create and send HTML and plain text newsletter and track their results. There is much you can do with an HTML ezine to attract the attention of your subscribers. Moreover, Zinester provides most technically advanced newsletter archives that have been created.


7. Spaklit


With Spaklit you can create multiple issues and newsletters. It offers a simple and intuitive interface that’s makes it easy to build mailing list and distributing your own newsletters.

  • Key features of newsletters
  • Managing and uploading the mailing list
  • HTML signup box for your website
  • Archieve and style sent issues
  • Newsletters are fully HTML compatible




With this application you can add a newsletter subscription box to your website that allows the visitors to subscribe to your site.

It operates a Sealed Box system that ensures those subscribing to the news letter are automatically added the list from a join button that you add to your site. With double opt-in technology it checks whether contacts are valid or not. The key features of mailer4u are

  • Send Unlimited emails
  • Get additional info from members
  • Track results
  • HTML templates
  • Customize members sign up
  • Remove the duplicates



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