Software to Stop you Posting At Social Media Sites While Drunk
A software was developed to stop you writing email or posting message on social media sites while you are drunk.
Researchers Look for the Extent of Cyberstalking
Recently, there is a survey to find out the actual level of cyberstalking in UK.
Sex Movies Worm Spreads Rapidly Across the World
People are victimized worldwide by a booby-trapped e-mail that promises free sex movies.
Gmail Priority Inbox to Set Your emails in Order of Importance
Is your Gmail inbox becoming a dumping ground for emails - difficult to manage? Well, Gmail has been efficient with filtering the junk mails into "spam" folder.
Enterprise Ready to Go For Cloud Email: Forrester
According to Forrester chief analyst, Ted Schadler, the cloud computing email is supposed to take centerstage down the road because enterprises are rethinking their cloud strategy.
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