Google Kills its Online Product Wave

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 5, 2010

wave Google gets rid of its online tools Wave because the learning curve and users’ adoption is slow. The product is supposed to change the way we communicate and collaborate online. Wave combines email, online chat, social networking and “wiki” style group access to web pages or documents. The company launched this online tool about a years back at its I/O Developers’ conference and made a big news initially across the board.

Experts think that Google itself made the future of Wave very bleak from the beginning by making it a standalone product and then didn’t do much to promote the adoption or usage. Now a days, email can not be viewed as an efficient tool for communication. Messenger is good but it works independent of the other communications. The same theory is applicable for most of the communication tools because they do not mix well.

Experts also think that instead of standalone product, if Google would have incorporated Wave into Google Docs or Gmail like Buzz, the future of the product might prosper down the road. So we can conclude that Goolge killed Wave prematurely. Like Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, it’s the kind of product that would succeed only after a long haul. We hope that some visionary has seen the potential behind a greater communications and collaboration tool and will take what Google started and finish it right.

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